Proteus: A DLT-Agnostic Emulation and Analysis Framework


Russell Van Dam, Thien-Nam Dinh, Christopher Cordi, Gregory Jacobus, Nicholas Pattengale, and Steven Elliott, Sandia National Laboratories

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This paper presents Proteus, a framework for conducting rapid, emulation-based analysis of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) using FIREWHEEL, an orchestration tool that assists a user in building, controlling, observing, and analyzing realistic experiments of distributed systems. Proteus is designed to support any DLT that has some form of a "transaction" and which operates on a peer-to-peer network layer. Proteus provides a framework for an investigator to set up a network of nodes, execute rich agent-driven behaviors, and extract run-time observations. Proteus relies on common features of DLTs to define agent-driven scenarios in a DLT-agnostic way allowing for those scenarios to be executed against different DLTs. We demonstrate the utility of using Proteus by executing a 51% attack on an emulated Ethereum network containing 2000 nodes.

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