Lessons Learned from 10k Experiments to Compare Virtual and Physical Testbeds


Jonathan Crussell, Thomas M. Kroeger, David Kavaler, Aaron Brown, and Cynthia Phillips, Sandia National Laboratories

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Virtual testbeds are a core component of cyber experimentation as they allow for fast and relatively inexpensive modeling of computer systems. Unlike simulations, virtual testbeds run real software on virtual hardware which allows them to capture unknown or complex behaviors. However, virtualization is known to increase latency and decrease throughput. Could these and other artifacts from virtualization undermine the experiments that we wish to run?

For the past three years, we have attempted to quantify where and how virtual testbeds differ from their physical counterparts to address this concern. While performance differences have been widely studied, we aim to uncover behavioral differences. We have run over 10,000 experiments and processed over half a petabyte of data. Complete details of our methodology and our experimental results from applying that methodology are published in previous work. In this paper, we describe our lessons learned in the process of constructing and instrumenting both physical and virtual testbeds and analyzing the results from each.

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