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Enigma 2022
FAST '22
Vault '20
NSDI '22
SREcon22 Americas
OpML '20
PEPR '20
SOUPS 2020
USENIX Security '20
HotEdge '20
SREcon Conversations - David Argent, Amazon
SREcon Conversations - Asia/Pacific
PEPR '20
OSDI '21
SREcon Conversations - Europe/Middle East/Africa
SOUPS 2021
USENIX Security '21
The Beauty of Static Types
Low-Context DevOps
For Good Measure
Modern Computer Architecture and Organization
Seeing Like an SRE: Site Reliability Engineering as High Modernism
Processing Persistent Data in Place
The Lineup
Interview with LISA21 Co-Chairs
AI as a Service
Composition Kills
DevOps & Autism Care
Interview with Ski Kacoroski about His Ransomware Experience
High Velocity Kernel File Systems with Bento
Computer Graphics from Scratch
Interview with Vasily Tarasov
Rethinking Service Systems
Unikraft and the Coming of Age of Unikernels
Kill It With Fire
Seeing like an SRE
Avoiding the 'SLOs as Reliability Theater' trap