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    USENIX Security '23Examining Consumer Reviews to Understand Security and Privacy Issues in the Market of Smart Home DevicesSwaathi Vetrivel, Veerle van Harten, Carlos H. Gañán, Michel van Eeten, Simon Parkin
    USENIX Security '23SandDriller: A Fully-Automated Approach for Testing Language-Based JavaScript SandboxesAbdullah AlHamdan, Cristian-Alexandru Staicu
    USENIX Security '23Remote Code Execution from SSTI in the Sandbox: Automatically Detecting and Exploiting Template Escape BugsYudi Zhao, Yuan Zhang, Min Yang
    USENIX Security '23Side-Channel Attacks on Optane Persistent MemorySihang Liu, Suraaj Kanniwadi, Martin Schwarzl, Andreas Kogler, Daniel Gruss, Samira Khan
    USENIX Security '23Authenticated private information retrievalSimone Colombo, Kirill Nikitin, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, David J. Wu, Bryan Ford
    USENIX Security '23Near-Ultrasound Inaudible Trojan (Nuit): Exploiting Your Speaker to Attack Your MicrophoneQi Xia, Qian Chen, Shouhuai Xu
    USENIX Security '23Lost at C: A User Study on the Security Implications of Large Language Model Code AssistantsGustavo Sandoval, Hammond Pearce, Teo Nys, Ramesh Karri, Siddharth Garg, Brendan Dolan-Gavitt
    USENIX Security '23CSHER: A System for Compact Storage with HE-RetrievalAdi Akavia, Neta Oren, Boaz Sapir, Margarita Vald
    USENIX Security '22"How Do You Not Lose Friends?": Synthesizing a Design Space of Social Controls for Securing Shared Digital Resources Via Participatory Design JamsEyitemi Moju-Igbene, Hanan Abdi, Alan Lu, Sauvik Das
    USENIX Security '22AMD Prefetch Attacks through Power and TimeMoritz Lipp, Daniel Gruss, Michael Schwarz
    USENIX Security '22"I feel invaded, annoyed, anxious and I may protect myself": Individuals' Feelings about Online Tracking and their Protective Behaviour across Gender and CountryKovila P.L. Coopamootoo, Maryam Mehrnezhad, Ehsan Toreini
    USENIX Security '22Mistrust Plugins You Must: A Large-Scale Study Of Malicious Plugins In WordPress MarketplacesRanjita Pai Kasturi, Jonathan Fuller, Yiting Sun, Omar Chabklo, Andres Rodriguez, Jeman Park, Brendan Saltaformaggio
    USENIX Security '22Web Cache Deception Escalates!Seyed Ali Mirheidari, Matteo Golinelli, Kaan Onarlioglu, Engin Kirda, Bruno Crispo
    USENIX Security '22Exploring the Unchartered Space of Container Registry TyposquattingGuannan Liu, Xing Gao, Haining Wang, Kun Sun
    USENIX Security '22LinKRID: Vetting Imbalance Reference Counting in Linux kernel with Symbolic ExecutionJian Liu, Lin Yi, Weiteng Chen, Chengyu Song, Zhiyun Qian, Qiuping Yi
    USENIX Security '22Hiding in Plain Sight? On the Efficacy of Power Side Channel-Based Control Flow MonitoringYi Han, Matthew Chan, Zahra Aref, Nils Ole Tippenhauer, Saman Zonouz
    USENIX Security '22Secure Poisson RegressionMahimna Kelkar, Phi Hung Le, Mariana Raykova, Karn Seth
    USENIX Security '22Under the Hood of DANE Mismanagement in SMTPHyeonmin Lee, Md. Ishtiaq Ashiq, Moritz Müller, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, Taekyoung "Ted" Kwon, Taejoong Chung
    USENIX Security '22The Dangers of Human Touch: Fingerprinting Browser Extensions through User ActionsKonstantinos Solomos, Panagiotis Ilia, Soroush Karami, Nick Nikiforakis, Jason Polakis
    USENIX Security '22Poisoning Attacks to Local Differential Privacy Protocols for Key-Value DataYongji Wu, Xiaoyu Cao, Jinyuan Jia, Neil Zhenqiang Gong
    USENIX Security '22Breaking Bridgefy, again: Adopting libsignal is not enoughMartin R. Albrecht, Raphael Eikenberg, Kenneth G. Paterson
    USENIX Security '22Many Roads Lead To Rome: How Packet Headers Influence DNS Censorship MeasurementAbhishek Bhaskar, Paul Pearce
    USENIX Security '22Communication-Efficient Triangle Counting under Local Differential PrivacyJacob Imola, Takao Murakami, Kamalika Chaudhuri
    USENIX Security '22Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Understanding Security Hazards in the 3GPP Ecosystem through Intelligent Analysis on Change RequestsYi Chen, Di Tang, Yepeng Yao, Mingming Zha, XiaoFeng Wang, Xiaozhong Liu, Haixu Tang, Dongfang Zhao
    USENIX Security '22OS-Aware Vulnerability Prioritization via Differential Severity AnalysisQiushi Wu, Yue Xiao, Xiaojing Liao, Kangjie Lu