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    USENIX Security '95MIME Object Security Services: Issues in a Multi-User EnvironmentJames M. Galvin, Mark S. Feldman
    USENIX Security '95Safe Use of X Window System Protocol Across a FirewallBrian L. Kahn
    USENIX Security '95An Architecture for Advanced Packet Filtering and Access PolicyAndrew Molitor
    USENIX Security '95A Domain and Type Enforcement UNIX PrototypeLee Badger, Daniel F. Sterne, David L. Sherman, Kenneth M. Walker, Sheila A. Haghighat
    UNIX Security '93Retrofitting Network Security to Third-Party Applications -- The SecureBase ExperienceJonathan I. Kamens
    UNIX Security '93Secure RPC Authentication (SRA) for TELNET and FTPDavid R. Safford, Douglas Lee Schales, David K. Hess
    UNIX Security '93The TAMU Security Package: An Ongoing Response to Internet Intruders in an Academic EnvironmentDave Safford, Douglas Lee Schales
    UNIX Security '93The Persistent HackerEduardo Rodriguez
    UNIX Security '93Sendmail Without the SuperuserMark E. Carson
    UNIX Security '92The Greatest Cracker-Case in Denmark: The Detecting, Tracing, and Arresting of Two International CrackersJörgen Bo Madsen
    UNIX Security '92Experiences of Internet Security in ItalyAlessandro Berni, Paolo Franchi, Joy Marino
    UNIX Security '92An Internet GatekeeperHerve Schauer, Christophe Wolfhugel
    UNIX Security '92Restricting Network Access to System Daemons Under SunOSWilliam LeFebvre
    UNIX Security '92There Be DragonsSteve Bellovin
    UNIX Security '92An Internet GatekeeperHerve Schauer, Christophe Wolfhugel
    UNIX Security '92Network (In)Security Through IP Packet FilteringD. Brent Chapman
    UNIX Security '92SOCKSDavid Koblas, Michelle R. Koblas
    UNIX Security '92TCP Wrapper: Network Monitoring, Access Control, and Booby TrapsWietse Venema
    UNIX Security '92Centralized System Monitoring with SwatchStephen E. Hansen, E. Todd Atkins
    UNIX Security '92Security Aspects of a UNIX PEM ImplementationJames M. Galvin, David M. Balenson
    UNIX Security '92Introduction to the Shadow Password SuiteJohn F. Haugh II
    UNIX Security '92Giving Customers the Tools to Protect ThemselvesShabbir J. Safdar