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    USENIX Security '23Pass2Edit: A Multi-Step Generative Model for Guessing Edited Passwords
    USENIX Security '23MorFuzz: Fuzzing Processor via Runtime Instruction Morphing enhanced Synchronizable Co-simulation
    USENIX Security '23Multiview: Finding Blind Spots in Access-Deny Issues Diagnosis
    USENIX Security '23Near-Ultrasound Inaudible Trojan (Nuit): Exploiting Your Speaker to Attack Your Microphone
    USENIX Security '23Oops..! I Glitched It Again! How to Multi-Glitch the Glitching-Protections on ARM TrustZone-M
    USENIX Security '23No Single Silver Bullet: Measuring the Accuracy of Password Strength Meters
    USENIX Security '23One Size Does not Fit All: Quantifying the Risk of Malicious App Encounters for Different Android User Profiles
    USENIX Security '23Network Responses to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine in 2022: A Cautionary Tale for Internet Freedom
    USENIX Security '23Multi-Factor Key Derivation Function (MFKDF) for Fast, Flexible, Secure, & Practical Key Management
    USENIX Security '23NAUTILUS: Automated RESTful API Vulnerability Detection
    USENIX Security '23Minimalist: Semi-automated Debloating of PHP Web Applications through Static Analysis
    USENIX Security '23Machine-checking Multi-Round Proofs of Shuffle: Terelius-Wikstrom and Bayer-Groth
    USENIX Security '23MINER: A Hybrid Data-Driven Approach for REST API Fuzzing
    USENIX Security '23MTSan: A Feasible and Practical Memory Sanitizer for Fuzzing COTS Binaries
    USENIX Security '23Lessons Lost: Incident Response in the Age of Cyber Insurance and Breach Attorneys
    USENIX Security '23Long Live The Honey Badger: Robust Asynchronous DPSS and its Applications
    USENIX Security '23Black-box Adversarial Example Attack towards FCG Based Android Malware Detection under Incomplete Feature Information
    USENIX Security '23Meta-Sift: How to Sift Out a Clean Subset in the Presence of Data Poisoning?
    USENIX Security '23Bilingual Problems: Studying the Security Risks Incurred by Native Extensions in Scripting Languages
    USENIX Security '23Measuring Up to (Reasonable) Consumer Expectations: Providing an Empirical Basis for Holding IoT Manufacturers Legally Responsible
    USENIX Security '23Jinn: Hijacking Safe Programs with Trojans
    USENIX Security '23Lalaine: Measuring and Characterizing Non-Compliance of Apple Privacy Labels
    USENIX Security '23KextFuzz: Fuzzing macOS Kernel EXTensions on Apple Silicon via Exploiting Mitigations
    USENIX Security '23AutoFR: Automated Filter Rule Generation for Adblocking
    USENIX Security '23Log: It’s Big, It’s Heavy, It’s Filled with Personal Data! Measuring the Logging of Sensitive Information in the Android Ecosystem