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    USENIX Security '23Hash Gone Bad: Automated discovery of protocol attacks that exploit hash function weaknessesVincent Cheval, Cas Cremers, Alexander Dax, Lucca Hirschi, Charlie Jacomme, Steve Kremer
    USENIX Security '23Glowing in the Dark: Uncovering IPv6 Address Discovery and Scanning Strategies in the WildHammas Bin Tanveer, Rachee Singh, Paul Pearce, Rishab Nithyanand
    USENIX Security '23How fast do you heal? A taxonomy for post-compromise security in secure-channel establishmentOlivier Blazy, Ioana Boureanu, Pascal Lafourcade, Cristina Onete, Léo Robert
    USENIX Security '23Are You Spying on Me? Large-Scale Analysis on IoT Data Exposure through Companion AppsYuhong Nan, Xueqiang Wang, Luyi Xing, Xiaojing Liao, Ruoyu Wu, Jianliang Wu, Yifan Zhang, XiaoFeng Wang
    USENIX Security '23Credit Karma: Understanding Security Implications of Exposed Cloud Services through Automated Capability InferenceXueqiang Wang, Yuqiong Sun, Susanta Nanda, XiaoFeng Wang
    USENIX Security '23NeuroPots: Realtime Proactive Defense against Bit-Flip Attacks in Neural NetworksQi Liu, Jieming Yin, Wujie Wen, Chengmo Yang, Shi Sha
    USENIX Security '23Gradient Obfuscation Gives a False Sense of Security in Federated LearningKai Yue, Richeng Jin, Chau-Wai Wong, Dror Baron, Huaiyu Dai
    USENIX Security '23An Efficient Design of Intelligent Network Data PlaneGuangmeng Zhou, Zhuotao Liu, Chuanpu Fu, Qi Li, Ke Xu
    USENIX Security '23VulChecker: Graph-based Vulnerability Localization in Source CodeYisroel Mirsky, George Macon, Michael Brown, Carter Yagemann, Matthew Pruett, Evan Downing, Sukarno Mertoguno, Wenke Lee
    USENIX Security '23Machine-checking Multi-Round Proofs of Shuffle: Terelius-Wikstrom and Bayer-GrothThomas Haines, Rajeev Gore, Mukesh Tiwari
    USENIX Security '23FreeEagle: Detecting Complex Neural Trojans in Data-Free CasesChong Fu, Xuhong Zhang, Shouling Ji, Ting Wang, Peng Lin, Yanghe Feng, Jianwei Yin
    USENIX Security '23TRIDENT: Towards Detecting and Mitigating Web-based Social Engineering AttacksZheng Yang, Joey Allen, Matthew Landen, Roberto Perdisci, Wenke Lee
    USENIX Security '23Secure Floating-Point TrainingDeevashwer Rathee, Anwesh Bhattacharya, Divya Gupta, Rahul Sharma, Dawn Song
    USENIX Security '23Hiding in Plain Sight: An Empirical Study of Web Application Abuse in MalwareMingxuan Yao, Jonathan Fuller, Ranjita Pai Kasturi, Saumya Agarwal, Amit Kumar Sikder, Brendan Saltaformaggio
    USENIX Security '23High Recovery with Fewer Injections: Practical Binary Volumetric Injection Attacks against Dynamic Searchable EncryptionXianglong Zhang, Wei Wang, Peng Xu, Laurence T. Yang, Kaitai Liang
    USENIX Security '23Prime Match: A Privacy-Preserving Inventory Matching SystemAntigoni Polychroniadou, Gilad Asharov, Benjamin Diamond, Tucker Balch, Hans Buehler, Richard Hua, Suwen Gu, Greg Gimler, Manuela Veloso
    USENIX Security '23Squirrel: A Scalable Secure Two-Party Computation Framework for Training Gradient Boosting Decision TreeWen-jie Lu, Zhicong Huang, Qizhi Zhang, Yuchen Wang, Cheng Hong
    USENIX Security '23Fact-Saboteurs: A Taxonomy of Evidence Manipulation Attacks against Fact-Verification SystemsSahar Abdelnabi, Mario Fritz
    USENIX Security '23Trojan Source: Invisible VulnerabilitiesNicholas Boucher, Ross Anderson
    USENIX Security '23Bilingual Problems: Studying the Security Risks Incurred by Native Extensions in Scripting LanguagesCristian-Alexandru Staicu, Sazzadur Rahaman, Ágnes Kiss, Michael Backes
    USENIX Security '23Oops..! I Glitched It Again! How to Multi-Glitch the Glitching-Protections on ARM TrustZone-MXhani Marvin Saß, Richard Mitev, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
    USENIX Security '23Detecting Multi-Step IAM Attacks in AWS Environments via Model CheckingIlia Shevrin, Oded Margalit
    USENIX Security '23Eos: Efficient Private Delegation of zkSNARK ProversAlessandro Chiesa, Ryan Lehmkuhl, Pratyush Mishra, Yinuo Zhang
    USENIX Security '23The Most Dangerous Codec in the World: Finding and Exploiting Vulnerabilities in H.264 DecodersWilly R. Vasquez, Stephen Checkoway, Hovav Shacham
    USENIX Security '23Did the Shark Eat the Watchdog in the NTP Pool? Deceiving the NTP Pool’s Monitoring SystemJonghoon Kwon, Jeonggyu Song, Junbeom Hur, Adrian Perrig