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    USENIX Security '03Static Analysis of Executables to Detect Malicious PatternsMihai Christodorescu, Somesh Jha
    USENIX Security '03SSL Splitting: Securely Serving Data from Untrusted CachesChris Lesniewski-Laas, M. Frans Kaashoek
    USENIX Security '03A New Two-Server Approach for Authentication with Short SecretsJohn Brainard, Ari Juels, Burt Kaliski, Michael Szydlo
    USENIX Security '03Domain-Based Administration of Identity-Based Cryptosystems for Secure Email and IPSECD. K. Smetters, Glenn Durfee
    USENIX Security '03Preventing Privilege EscalationNiels Provos, Markus Friedl, Peter Honeyman
    USENIX Security '03Dynamic Detection and Prevention of Race Conditions in File AccessesEugene Tsyrklevich, Bennet Yee
    USENIX Security '03Improving Host Security with System Call Policies
    USENIX Security '03Scrash: A System for Generating Secure Crash InformationPete Broadwell, Matt Harren, Naveen Sastry
    USENIX Security '03Implementing and Testing a Virus ThrottleJamie Twycross, Matthew M. Williamson
    USENIX Security '03Establishing the Genuinity of Remote Computer SystemsRick Kennell, Leah H. Jamieson
    USENIX Security '02Security in Plan 9Russ Cox, Eric Grosse, Rob Pike, Dave Presotto, Sean Quinlan
    USENIX Security '02Linux Security Modules: General Security Support for the Linux KernelChris Wright, Crispin Cowan, Stephen Smalley, James Morris, Greg Kroah-Hartman
    USENIX Security '02Using CQUAL for Static Analysis of Authorization Hook PlacementXiaolan Zhang, Antony Edwards, Trent Jaeger
    USENIX Security '02Using Text Categorization Techniques for Intrusion DetectionYihua Liao, V. Rao Vemuri
    USENIX Security '02Detecting Manipulated Remote Call StreamsJonathon T. Giffin, Somesh Jha, Barton P. Miller
    USENIX Security '02Type-Assisted Dynamic Buffer Overflow DetectionKyung-suk Lhee, Steve J. Chapin
    USENIX Security '02A General and Flexible Access-Control System for the WebLujo Bauer, Michael A. Schneider, Edward W. Felten
    USENIX Security '02Access and Integrity Control in a Public-Access, High-Assurance Configuration Management SystemJonathan S. Shapiro, John Vanderburgh
    USENIX Security '02Deanonymizing Users of the SafeWeb Anonymizing ServiceDavid Martin, Andrew Schulman
    USENIX Security '02VeriSign CZAG: Privacy Leak in X.509 CertificatesScott G. Renfro
    USENIX Security '02How to Own the Internet in Your Spare TimeStuart Staniford, Vern Paxson, Nicholas Weaver
    USENIX Security '02Setuid DemystifiedHao Chen, David Wagner, Drew Dean
    USENIX Security '02Secure Execution via Program ShepherdingVladimir Kiriansky, Derek Bruening, Saman Amarasinghe
    USENIX Security '02A Flexible Containment Mechanism for Executing Untrusted CodeDavid S. Peterson, Matt Bishop, Raju Pandey
    USENIX Security '02SSLACC: A Clustered SSL AcceleratorEric Rescorla, Adam Cain, Brian Korver