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    USENIX Security '22DeepPhish: Understanding User Trust Towards Artificially Generated Profiles in Online Social NetworksJaron Mink, Licheng Luo, Natã M. Barbosa, Olivia Figueira, Yang Wang, Gang Wang
    USENIX Security '22Constant-weight PIR: Single-round Keyword PIR via Constant-weight Equality OperatorsRasoul Akhavan Mahdavi, Florian Kerschbaum
    USENIX Security '22Incremental Offline/Online PIRYiping Ma, Ke Zhong, Tal Rabin, Sebastian Angel
    USENIX Security '22Might I Get Pwned: A Second Generation Compromised Credential Checking ServiceBijeeta Pal, Mazharul Islam, Marina Sanusi Bohuk, Nick Sullivan, Luke Valenta, Tara Whalen, Christopher Wood, Thomas Ristenpart, Rahul Chatterjee
    USENIX Security '22Provably-Safe Multilingual Software Sandboxing using WebAssemblyJay Bosamiya, Wen Shih Lim, Bryan Parno
    USENIX Security '22PatchCleanser: Certifiably Robust Defense against Adversarial Patches for Any Image ClassifierChong Xiang, Saeed Mahloujifar, Prateek Mittal
    USENIX Security '22Transferring Adversarial Robustness Through Robust Representation MatchingPratik Vaishnavi, Kevin Eykholt, Amir Rahmati
    USENIX Security '22RapidPatch: Firmware Hotpatching for Real-Time Embedded DevicesYi He, Zhenhua Zou, Kun Sun, Zhuotao Liu, Ke Xu, Qian Wang, Chao Shen, Zhi Wang, Qi Li
    USENIX Security '22Holistic Control-Flow Protection on Real-Time Embedded Systems with KageYufei Du, Zhuojia Shen, Komail Dharsee, Jie Zhou, Robert J. Walls, John Criswell
    USENIX Security '22Orca: Blocklisting in Sender-Anonymous MessagingNirvan Tyagi, Julia Len, Ian Miers, Thomas Ristenpart
    USENIX Security '22Adversarial Detection Avoidance Attacks: Evaluating the robustness of perceptual hashing-based client-side scanningShubham Jain, Ana-Maria Crețu, Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye
    USENIX Security '22Back-Propagating System Dependency Impact for Attack InvestigationPengcheng Fang, Peng Gao, Changlin Liu, Erman Ayday, Kangkook Jee, Ting Wang, Yanfang (Fanny) Ye, Zhuotao Liu, Xusheng Xiao
    USENIX Security '22PolyCruise: A Cross-Language Dynamic Information Flow AnalysisWen Li, Jiang Ming, Xiapu Luo, Haipeng Cai
    USENIX Security '22Bedrock: Programmable Network Support for Secure RDMA SystemsJiarong Xing, Kuo-Feng Hsu, Yiming Qiu, Ziyang Yang, Hongyi Liu, Ang Chen
    USENIX Security '22DeepDi: Learning a Relational Graph Convolutional Network Model on Instructions for Fast and Accurate DisassemblySheng Yu, Yu Qu, Xunchao Hu, Heng Yin
    USENIX Security '22HyperDegrade: From GHz to MHz Effective CPU FrequenciesAlejandro Cabrera Aldaya, Billy Bob Brumley
    USENIX Security '22Pacer: Comprehensive Network Side-Channel Mitigation in the CloudAastha Mehta, Mohamed Alzayat, Roberta De Viti, Björn B. Brandenburg, Peter Druschel, Deepak Garg
    USENIX Security '22WebGraph: Capturing Advertising and Tracking Information Flows for Robust BlockingSandra Siby, Umar Iqbal, Steven Englehardt, Zubair Shafiq, Carmela Troncoso
    USENIX Security '22Automating Cookie Consent and GDPR Violation DetectionDino Bollinger, Karel Kubicek, Carlos Cotrini, David Basin
    USENIX Security '22Khaleesi: Breaker of Advertising and Tracking Request ChainsUmar Iqbal, Charlie Wolfe, Charles Nguyen, Steven Englehardt, Zubair Shafiq
    USENIX Security '22Practical Data Access Minimization in Trigger-Action PlatformsYunang Chen, Mohannad Alhanahnah, Andrei Sabelfeld, Rahul Chatterjee, Earlence Fernandes
    USENIX Security '22Polynomial Commitment with a One-to-Many Prover and ApplicationsJiaheng Zhang, Tiancheng Xie, Thang Hoang, Elaine Shi, Yupeng Zhang
    USENIX Security '22ppSAT: Towards Two-Party Private SAT SolvingNing Luo, Samuel Judson, Timos Antonopoulos, Ruzica Piskac, Xiao Wang
    USENIX Security '22Hyperproofs: Aggregating and Maintaining Proofs in Vector CommitmentsShravan Srinivasan, Alexander Chepurnoy, Charalampos Papamanthou, Alin Tomescu, Yupeng Zhang
    USENIX Security '22Oops... Code Execution and Content Spoofing: The First Comprehensive Analysis of OpenDocument SignaturesSimon Rohlmann, Christian Mainka, Vladislav Mladenov, Jörg Schwenk