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    USENIX Mach SymposiumParallelizing Signal Handling and Process Management in OSF/1Don Bolinger, Shashi Mangalat
    USENIX Mach SymposiumMach Resource Control in OSF/1David W. Mitchell
    USENIX Mach SymposiumMach Interfaces to Support Guest O.S. DebuggingRand Hoven
    USENIX Mach SymposiumKernel Support for Network Protocol ServersFranklin Reynolds, Jeffrey Heller
    USENIX Mach SymposiumAn I/O System for Mach 3.0Alessandro Forin, David Golub, Bryan Bershad
    USENIX Mach SymposiumMoving the Default Memory Manager Out of the Mach KernlDavid B. Golub, Richard P. Draves
    USENIX Mach SymposiumUser-Level Physical Memory Management for MachStuart Sechrest, Yoonho Park
    USENIX Mach SymposiumPage Replacement and Reference Bit Emulation in MachRichard P. Draves
    USENIX Mach SymposiumEvaluation of Real-Time Synchronization in Real-Time MachHideyuki Tokuda, Tatsuo Nakajima
    USENIX Mach SymposiumHow to Design Reliable Servers using Fault Tolerant Micro-Kernel MechanismsMichel Banâtre, Gilles Muller, Pack Heng, Bruno Rochat
    USENIX Mach SymposiumThe FIle System Belongs in the KernelBrent Welch
    USENIX Mach SymposiumDistributed Trusted Mach ArchitectureEdward John Sebes
    USENIX Security '24How WEIRD is Usable Privacy and Security Research?
    USENIX Security '24"I Don't Know If We're Doing Good. I Don't Know If We're Doing Bad": Investigating How Practitioners Scope, Motivate, and Conduct Privacy Work When Developing AI Products
    USENIX Security '24A High Coverage Cybersecurity Scale Predictive of User Behavior
    USENIX Security '24NetShaper: A Differentially Private Network Side-Channel Mitigation System
    USENIX Security '24Splitting the Difference on Adversarial Training
    USENIX Security '24Quantifying Privacy Risks of Prompts in Visual Prompt Learning
    USENIX Security '24Understanding How to Inform Blind and Low-Vision Users about Data Privacy through Privacy Question Answering Assistants
    USENIX Security '24Two Shuffles Make a RAM: Improved Constant Overhead Zero Knowledge RAM
    USENIX Security '24Dissecting Privacy Perspectives of Websites Around the World: "Aceptar Todo, Alle Akzeptieren, Accept All..."
    USENIX Security '24Voice App Developer Experiences with Alexa and Google Assistant: Juggling Risks, Liability, and Security
    USENIX Security '24Scalable Multi-Party Computation Protocols for Machine Learning in the Honest-Majority Setting
    USENIX Security '24Cascade: CPU Fuzzing via Intricate Program Generation
    USENIX Security '24Spider-Scents: Grey-box Database-aware Web Scanning for Stored XSS