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    USENIX ATC '96Solaris MC: A Multi Computer OSYousef A. Khalidi, Jose M. Bernabeu, Vlada Matena, Ken Shirriff, Moti Thadani
    USENIX ATC '96A New Approach to Distributed Memory Management in the Mach MicrokernelStephan Zeisset, Stefan Tritscher, Martin Mairandres
    USENIX ATC '96Fault Tolerance in a Distributed CHORUS/MiX SystemSunil Kittur, Francois Armand, Douglas Steel, Jim Lipkis
    USENIX ATC '96FLIPC: A Low Latency Messaging System for Distributed Real Time EnvironmentsDavid L. Black, Randall D. Smith, Steven J. Sears, Randall W. Dean
    USENIX ATC '96An Analysis of Process and Memory Models to Support High-Speed Networking in a UNIX EnvironmentB. Murphy, S. Zeadally, C. J. Adams
    USENIX ATC '96Zero-Copy TCP in SolarisH. K. Jerry Chu
    USENIX ATC '96A Performance Comparison of UNIX Operating Systems on the PentiumKevin Lai, Mary Baker
    USENIX ATC '96lmbench: Portable Tools for Performance AnalysisLarry McVoy, Carl Staelin
    USENIX ATC '96Process Labeled Kernel Profiling: A New Facility to Profile System ActivitiesShingo Nishioka, Atsuo Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Motoda
    USENIX ATC '96Cut-and-Paste File-Systems: Integrating Simulators and File-SystemsPeter Bosch, Sape J. Mullender
    USENIX ATC '96Predicting Future File-System Actions From Prior EventsTom M. Kroeger, Darrell D. E. Long
    USENIX ATC '96Transparent Fault Tolerance for Parallel Applications on Networks of WorkstationsDaniel J. Scales, Monica S. Lam
    USENIX ATC '96Why Use a Fishing Line When you Have a Net? An Adaptive Multicast Data Distribution ProtocolSteve Kotsopoulos, Jeremy Cooperstock
    LISA '95lbnamed: A Load Balancing Name Server in PerlRoland J. Schemers, III
    LISA '95LPRng - An Enhanced Printer Spooler SystemPatrick Powell, Justin Mason
    LISA '95Finding a Needle in a Virtual Haystack: Whois++ and the Whois++ Client LibraryJeff R. Allen
    LISA '95Capital Markets Trading Floors, Current PracticeSam Lipson
    LISA '95Morgan Stanley's Aurora System: Designing a Next Generation Global Production Unix EnvironmentXev Gittler, W. Phillip Moore, J. Rambhaskar
    LISA '95How to Upgrade 1500 Workstations on Saturday, and Still Have Time to Mow the Yard on SundayMichael E. Shaddock, Michael C. Mitchell, Helen E. Harrison
    LISA '95Security Administration in an Open Networking EnvironmentKaren A. Casella
    LISA '95Multi-platform Interrogation and Reporting with RscanNathaniel Sammons
    LISA '95Exu - A System for Secure Delegation of Authority on an Insecure NetworkKarl Ramm, Michael Grubb
    LISA '95Administering Very High Volume Internet ServicesDan Mosedale, William Foss, Rob McCool
    LISA '95Bringing the MBONE Home: Experiences with Internal Use of Multicast-Based Conferencing ToolsArchibald C. R. Mott
    LISA '95LACHESIS: A Tool for Benchmarking Internet Service ProvidersJeff Sedayao, Kotaro Akita