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    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceInterface Translation and Implementation FilteringMark Linton, Douglas Pan
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Poor Man's Approach to String-Based Interfacing of C++ ObjectsThomas Kofler, Bruno Schaeffer, Walter Bischofberger
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceSharing Between Translation Units in C++ Program DatabasesSamuel Kendall, Glenn Allinn
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Dossier Driven Persistent Objects FacilityRobert Mecklenburg, Benny Yih, Gary Lindstrom, Charles Clark
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceC++ Design and Implementation Challenges in Technology Computer Aided Design FrameworksGoodwin Chin, Dharini Sitaraman, Chung Yang, Martin Giles
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceSupporting Truly Object-Oriented Debugging of C++ ProgramsJames Coplien
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Framework for Building Extensible C++ Class Libraries Arindam Banerji, David Cohn, Dinesh Kulkarni
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceFinding Similar Files in a Large File SystemUdi Manber
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical Conferencecql - A Flat File Database Query LanguageGlenn Fowler
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceDrinking from the Firehose: Multicast USENET NewsKurt J. Lidl, Josh Osborne, Joe Malcolm
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceThe refdbms Distributed Bibliographic Database SystemRichard A. Golding, Darrell D. E. Long, John Wilkes
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceFilesystem Daemons as Unifying Mechanism for Network Information AccessSteve Summit
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceConcert/C: A Language for Distributed ProgrammingJoshua S. Auerbach, Arthur P. Goldberg, Ajei S. Gopal, Mark T. Kennedy, James R. Russell
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceEvolving Mach 3.0 to A Migrating Thread ModelBryan Ford, Jay Lepreau
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceTread Marks: Distributed Shared Memory on Standard Workstations and Operating SystemsPeter Keleher, Alan L. Cox, Sandhya Dwarkadas, Willy Zwaenepoel
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceWorkstation Support for Real-Time Multimedia CommunicationOlof Hagsand, Peter Sjodin
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceExperience and Results from Implementation of an ATM Socket FamilyRichard Black, Simon Crosby
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceEfficient Packet Demultiplexing for Multiple Endpoints and Large MessagesMasanobu Yuhara, Brian N. Bershad, Chris Maeda, J. Eliot B. Moss
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceLatency Analysis of TCP on an ATM NetworkAlec Wolman, Geoff Voelker, Chandramohan A. Thekkath
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceImproving UNIX Kernel and Networking Performance Using Profile Based OptimizationSteven E. Speer, Rajiv Kumar, Craig Partridge
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceMemory Behavior for an X11 Window SystemJ. Bradley Chen
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceA Uniform Name Service for Spring's UNIX EnvironmentMichael N. Nelson, Sanjay R. Radia
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceACID: A Debugger Built from a LanguagePhil Winterbottom
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceAcme: A User Interface for ProgrammersRob Pike
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceFile System Design for an NFS File Server ApplianceDave Hitz, Michael Malcolm, James Lau