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    COOTS '96Extending a Traditional OS Using Object-Oriented TechniquesJose Bernabeu, Vlada Matena, Yousef Khalidi
    COOTS '96Asynchonrous Notifications Among Distributed ObjectsYeturu Aahlad, Bruce E. Martin, Mod Marathe, Chung Lee
    COOTS '96Software Composition with Extended Entity-Relationship DiagramsPornsiri Muenchaisri, Toshimi Minoura
    USENIX ATC '96Implementation of a Reliable Remote Memory PagerEvangelos P. Markatos, George Dramitinos
    USENIX ATC '96Solaris MC: A Multi Computer OSYousef A. Khalidi, Jose M. Bernabeu, Vlada Matena, Ken Shirriff, Moti Thadani
    USENIX ATC '96A New Approach to Distributed Memory Management in the Mach MicrokernelStephan Zeisset, Stefan Tritscher, Martin Mairandres
    USENIX ATC '96Fault Tolerance in a Distributed CHORUS/MiX SystemSunil Kittur, Francois Armand, Douglas Steel, Jim Lipkis
    USENIX ATC '96FLIPC: A Low Latency Messaging System for Distributed Real Time EnvironmentsDavid L. Black, Randall D. Smith, Steven J. Sears, Randall W. Dean
    USENIX ATC '96An Analysis of Process and Memory Models to Support High-Speed Networking in a UNIX EnvironmentB. Murphy, S. Zeadally, C. J. Adams
    USENIX ATC '96Zero-Copy TCP in SolarisH. K. Jerry Chu
    USENIX ATC '96A Performance Comparison of UNIX Operating Systems on the PentiumKevin Lai, Mary Baker
    USENIX ATC '96lmbench: Portable Tools for Performance AnalysisLarry McVoy, Carl Staelin
    USENIX ATC '96Process Labeled Kernel Profiling: A New Facility to Profile System ActivitiesShingo Nishioka, Atsuo Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Motoda
    USENIX ATC '96Cut-and-Paste File-Systems: Integrating Simulators and File-SystemsPeter Bosch, Sape J. Mullender
    USENIX ATC '96Predicting Future File-System Actions From Prior EventsTom M. Kroeger, Darrell D. E. Long
    USENIX ATC '96Transparent Fault Tolerance for Parallel Applications on Networks of WorkstationsDaniel J. Scales, Monica S. Lam
    USENIX ATC '96Why Use a Fishing Line When you Have a Net? An Adaptive Multicast Data Distribution ProtocolSteve Kotsopoulos, Jeremy Cooperstock
    USENIX ATC '96Scalability in the XFS File SystemAdam Sweeney
    USENIX ATC '96A Comparison of FFS Disk Allocation PoliciesKeith A. Smith, Margo Seltzer
    USENIX ATC '96AFRAID--A Frequently Redundant Array of Independent DisksStefan Savage, John Wilkes
    USENIX ATC '96A Comparison of OS Extension TechnologiesChristopher Small, Margo Seltzer
    USENIX ATC '96An Extensible Protocol Architecture for Application-Specific NetworkingMarc E. Fiuczynski, Brian N. Bershad
    USENIX ATC '96Linux Device Driver Emulation in MachShantanu Goel, Dan Duchamp
    USENIX ATC '96Calliope: A Distributed, Scalable Multimedia ServerAndrew Heybey, Mark Sullivan, Paul England
    USENIX ATC '96Simple Continuous Media Storage Server on Real-Time MachHiroshi Tezuka, Tatsuo Nakajima