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    USENIX Security '96Chrg-http: A Tool for Micropayments on the World Wide WebLei Tang, Steve Low
    USENIX Security '96Building Systems That Flexibly Download Executable ContentTrent Jaeger, Atul Prakash, Avi Rubin
    USENIX Security '96Public Key Distribution with Secure DNSJames M. Galvin
    USENIX Security '96Compliance Defects in Public Key CryptographyDon Davis
    USENIX Security '96Texas A&M University Anarchistic Key Authorization (AKA)David Safford, Douglas Schales, David Hess
    USENIX Security '96Murphy's Law and Computer SecurityWietse Venema
    USENIX Security '96NetKuang--A Multi-Host Configuration Vulnerability CheckerDan Zerkle, Karl Levitt
    USENIX Security '96Problem Areas for the IP Security ProtocolsSteve Bellovin
    Fourth Annual USENIX Tcl/Tk WorkshopAgent Tcl: A Flexible and Secure Mobile-Agent SystemRobert S. Gray
    Fourth Annual USENIX Tcl/Tk WorkshopTcl/Tk as an OpenDoc Scripting PartJim Ingham
    Fourth Annual USENIX Tcl/Tk WorkshopAutomated Wrapping of a C++ Class Library into TclKen Martin
    Fourth Annual USENIX Tcl/Tk WorkshopWriting CGI scripts in TclDon Libes
    Fourth Annual USENIX Tcl/Tk WorkshopHigh Performance Graphic Display With Tcl/TkDarren Spruce
    Fourth Annual USENIX Tcl/Tk WorkshopQuaSR: A Large-Scale Automated, Distributed Testing EnvironmentSteven Grady, G. S. Madhusudan, Marc Sugiyama
    COOTS '96Compiler Optimization of C++ Virtual Function CallsSara Porat, David Bernstein, Yaroslav Fedorov, Joseph Rodrigue, Eran Yahav
    COOTS '96Design Patterns for Dealing with Dual Inheritance Hierarchies in C++Robert Martin
    COOTS '96The Object Group Design PatternSilvano Maffeis
    COOTS '96Pattern Languages for Handing C++ Resources in an Exception-Safe WayHarald Mueller
    COOTS '96The Any Framework: A Pragmatic Approach to FlexibilityKai-Uwe Maetzel, Walter Bischofberger
    COOTS '96Design and Performance of an Object-Oriented Framework for High-Performance Electronic Medical ImagingI. Pyarali, T. Harrison, D. Schmidt
    COOTS '96Class Relationships and User Extensibility in Solid Geometric ModelingJames R. Miller
    COOTS '96Smart Messages: An Object-Oriented Communication Mechanism Eshrat Arjomandi, William G. O'Farrell, Gregory V. Wilson
    COOTS '96Highly Concurrent Distributed Knowledge ObjectsK.L. Clark, T.I. Wang
    COOTS '96Composing Special Memory Allocators in C++Keith Loepere
    COOTS '96Interlanguage Object Sharing with SOMJennifer Hamilton