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    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceAn MS-DOS Filesystem for UNIXAlessandro Forin, Gerald Malan
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceAn Overview of the NetWare Operating SystemGreg Minshall, Kyle Powell, Drew Major
    LISA '93Establishing and Administering a Public Access Internet facilitySheri Byrne
    LISA '93Implementing Execution Controls in UnixTodd Gamble
    LISA '93HLFSD: Delivering Email to Your $HOMEErez Zadok, Alexander Dupuy
    LISA '93Simplifying System Administration Tasks: The UAMS ApproachRoland J. Stolfa
    LISA '93System Administrtion as a User Interface: An Extended Metaphor Wilson H. Bent, Jr.
    LISA '93The System Administration Maturity Model - SAMMCarol Kubicki
    LISA '93PLOD: Keep Track of What You're DoingHal Pomeranz
    LISA '93How to Keep Track of Your Network ConfigurationJ. Schönwälder, H. Langendörfer
    LISA '93Forecasting Disk Resource Requirements for a Usenet ServerKarl L. Swartz
    LISA '93Where Did All The Bytes Go?Michael Pearlman
    LISA '93A Practical Approach to NFS Response Time MonitoringGary L. Schaps, Peter Bishop
    LISA '93The Amanda Network Backup ManagerJames da Silva, Ólafur Guðmundsson
    LISA '93satool - A System Administrator's Cockpit, An ImplementationTodd Miller, Evi Nemeth, Christopher Stirlen
    LISA '93Sysctl: A Distributed System Control PackageSalvatore DeSimone, Christine Lombardi
    LISA '93Automated System Monitoring and Notification with SwatchStephen E. Hansen, E. Todd Atkins
    LISA '93Guerrilla System Administration: Scaling Small Group Systems Administration To a Larger Installed BaseTim Hunter, Scott Watanabe
    LISA '93Role-based System Administration or Who, What, Where, and HowDinah McNutt
    LISA '93Delegation: Uniformity in Heterogeneous Distribued AdministrationJean-Charles Grégoire
    LISA '93Managing the Mission Critical EnvironmentE. Scott Menter
    LISA '93Open Systems Formal Evaluation ProcessBrian William Keves
    LISA '93A Case Study on Moves and MergersJohn Schimmel
    LISA '93Local Disk Depot - Customizing the Software EnvironmentWalter C. Wong
    LISA '93Methods for Maintaining One Source Tree in a Heterogeneous Environment