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    OSDI '96The SMART schedulerJason Nieh, Monica S. Lam
    OSDI '96FM_DCS: An Implementation of Dynamic Coscheduling on a Workstation ClusterPatrick Sobalvarro, Scott Pakin, Andrew Chien, William Weihl
    OSDI '96Resource-aware Mobile ProgramsAnurag Acharya, M. Ranganathan, Shamik Sharma, Joel Saltz
    OSDI '96A Protection Scheme for Java Mobile CodeD. Hagimont
    OSDI '96Strong Cache Consistency for the World-Wide WebChengjie Liu
    OSDI '96WebFS: A Global File System for Fine-Grained SharingAmin Vahdat, Michael Dahlin, Paul Eastham, Thomas Anderson
    OSDI '96Improving the Performance of Log-Structured File Systems With Adaptive MethodsJeanna Neefe Matthews, Randoph Y. Wang, Drew S. Roselly, Thomas Anderson
    OSDI '96Efficient Client Caching for Distributed Object Storage SystemsM. Castro, A. Adya, B. Liskov, U. Maheshwari, A. C. Myers
    OSDI '96The Case For An Integrated Multimedia File SystemPawan Goyal, Sriram S. Rao, Prashant J. Shenoy, Marrik M. Vin
    OSDI '96Network Attached Secure DisksGarth A. Gibson, David F. Nagle, Khalil Amiri, Fay W. Chang, Eugene M. Feinberg, Howard Gobioff, Chen Lee, Berend Ozceri, David Rochberg, J. Zelenka
    OSDI '96Studies of Windows NT Performance Using Dynamic Execution TracesSharon E. Perl, Richard L. Sites
    OSDI '96Using Latency to Evaluate Interactive System PerformanceYasuhiro Endo, Zheng Wang, J. Bradley Chen, Margo I. Seltzer
    OSDI '96Eliminating storage headaches through self-managementElizabeth Borowsky, Richard Golding, Arif Merchant, Elizabeth Shriver, Mirjana Spasojevic, John Wilkes
    OSDI '96ExpressOlin Shivers
    OSDI '96Component Based Operating SystemPatty Kostkova, Kevin Murray, Tim Wilkinson
    OSDI '96Inferno: la Commedia InterattivaSean Dorward, Rob Pike, Dave Presotto, Howard Trickey, Phil Winterbottom
    OSDI '96System Software Support for High Performance ServersGregory R. Ganger, Hector Brice~o, M. Frans Kaashoek
    OSDI '96Virtual memory alternatives for client buffer management in transaction systemsDylan McNamee, Vivek Narasayya, Ashutosh Tiwary, Henry Levy, Jeffrey Chase, Yong Gao
    OSDI '96CPI: Continuous Profiling InfrastructureLance Berc, Sanjay Ghemawhat, Monika Henzinger, Shun-Tak Leung, Dick Sites, Mark Vandevoorde, Carl Waldspurger, Bill Weihl
    LISA '96Many Mail Domains, One Machine: The Forwarding MailerHal Pomeranz
    LISA '96MajorCool: A Web Interface to MajordomoBill Houle
    LISA '96The PGP Moose - Implementation and ExperienceGreg Rose
    LISA '96The Brave Little Toaster Meets UsenetKarl L. Swartz
    LISA '96A Simple Caching File System for Application Serving John D. Bell, Ford Motor Co.
    LISA '96Automating the Administration of Heterogeneous LANsMichael Fisk