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    COOTS '97Using the Strategy Design Pattern to Compose Reliable Distributed ProtocolsBenoit Garbinato, Rachid Guerraoui
    COOTS '97Service Configurator: A Pattern for Dynamic Configuration of ServicesPrashant Jain, Douglas C. Schmidt
    COOTS '97Krakatoa: Decompilation in Java (Does Bytecode Reveal Source?) Todd A. Proebsting, Scott A. Watterson
    USENIX ATC '97Protected Shared Libraries-A New Approach to Modularity and SharingArindam Banerji, John M. Tracey, David L. Cohn
    USENIX ATC '97High-Performance Local-Area Communication With Fast SocketsSteven H. Rodrigues, Thomas E. Anderson, David E. Culler
    USENIX ATC '97WebGlimpse-Combining browsing and searchingUdi Manber, Michael Smith, Burra Gopal
    USENIX ATC '97Mailing List Archive ToolsSam Leffler, Melange Tortuba
    USENIX ATC '97Experience with GroupLens: Making Usenet Useful AgainBradley N. Miller, John T. Riedl, Joseph A. Konstan
    USENIX ATC '97Embedded Inodes and Explicit Grouping: Exploiting Bandwidth for Small FilesGregory R. Ganger, M. Frans Kaashoek
    USENIX ATC '97Porting UNIX to Windows NTDavid G. Korn
    USENIX ATC '97Network Aware Mobile ProgramsMudumba Ranganathan, Anurag Acharya, Shamik Sharma, Joel Saltz
    USENIX ATC '97Using Smart Clients to Build Scalable ServicesChad Yoshikawa, Brent Chun, Paul Eastham, Amin Vahdat, Thomas Anderson, David Culler
    USENIX ATC '97Cdt: A General and Efficient Container Data Type LibraryKiem-Phong Vo
    USENIX ATC '97Cget, Cput, and Stage-Safe File Transport Tools for the InternetBill Cheswick
    USENIX ATC '97A Toolkit Approach to Partially Connected ComputingDan Duchamp
    OSDI '96CPU Inheritance SchedulingBryan Ford, Sai R. Susarla
    OSDI '96Microkernels Meet Recursive Virtual MachinesBryan Ford, Mike Hibler, Jay Lepreau, Patrick Tullman, Godmar Back, Steven Clawson
    OSDI '96Making Paths Explicit in the Scout Operating SystemDavid Mosberer, Larry L. Peterson
    OSDI '96Dynamic Binding for an Extensible SystemPrzemyslaw Pardyak, Brian Bershad
    OSDI '96Dealing With Disaster: Surviving Misbehaved Kernel ExtensionsMargo I. Seltzer, Yasuhiro Endo, Christopher Small, Keith A. Smith
    OSDI '96An Implementation of the Hamlyn Sender-Managed Interface ArchitectureGreg Buzzard, David Jacobson, Milon Mackey, Scott Marovich, John Wilkes
    OSDI '96Lazy Receiver Processing (LRP): A Network Subsystem Architecture for Server SystemsPeter Druschel, Gaurav Banga
    OSDI '96Effects of Buffering Semantics on I/O PerformanceJose Carlos Brustoloni, Peter Steenkiste
    OSDI '96A Trace-Driven comparison of Algorithms for Parallel Prefetching and CachingTracy Kimbrel, Andrew Tomkins, R. Hugo Patterson, Brian Bershad, Pei Cao, Edward W. Felten, Garth Gibson, Anna R. Karlin, Kai Li
    OSDI '96Online Data-Race Detection via Coherency GuaranteesDejan Perkovic, Pete Keleher