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    USITS '97HPP: HTML Macro-Preprocessing to Support Dynamic Document CachingFred Douglis, Antonio Haro, Michael Rabinovich
    USITS '97A Highly Scalable Electronic Mail Service Using Open SystemsNick Christenson, Tim Bosserman, David Beckemeyer
    USITS '97Improving Web Server Performance by Caching Dynamic DataArun Iyengar, Jim Challenger
    USITS '97Measuring the Capacity of a Web ServerGaurav Banga, Peter Druschel
    USITS '97Study of Piggyback Cache Validation for Proxy Caches in the World Wide WebBalachander Krishnamurthy, Craig E. Wills
    USITS '97Exploring the Bounds of Web Latency Reduction from Caching and PrefetchingThomas M. Kroeger, Darrel D.E. Long, Jeffrey C. Mogul
    USITS '97The Measured Access Characteristics of World Wide Web Client Proxy CachesBrad Duska, David Marwood, Michael J. Feeley