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    USITS '97Exploring the Bounds of Web Latency Reduction from Caching and PrefetchingThomas M. Kroeger, Darrel D.E. Long, Jeffrey C. Mogul
    USITS '97The Measured Access Characteristics of World Wide Web Client Proxy CachesBradley M. Duska, David Marwood, Michael J. Feeley
    USITS '97Measuring the Capacity of a Web ServerGaurav Banga, Peter Druschel
    DSL '97A Slicing-Based Approach for Locating Type ErrorsT. B. Dinesh, Frank Tip
    DSL '97Typed Common Intermediate FormatZhong Shao
    DSL '97Incorporating Application Semantics and Control into CompilationDawson R. Engler
    DSL '97BDL: A Language to Control the Behavior of Concurrent ObjectsFrédéric Bertrand, Michel Augeraud
    DSL '97A Domain-Specific Language for Regular Sets of Strings and TreesNils Klarlund, Michael I. Schwartzbach
    DSL '97A Modular Monadic Action SemanticsKeith Wansbrough, John Hamer
    DSL '97SHIFT and SMART-AHS: A Language for Hybrid System Engineering Modeling and SimulationMarco Antoniotti, Aleks Göllü
    DSL '97Design and Semantics of Quantum: A Language to Control Resource Consumption in Distributed ComputingLuc Moreau, Christian Queinne
    DSL '97Domains of Concern in Software Architectures and Architecture Description LanguagesNenad Medvidovic, David S. Rosenblum
    DSL '97A The Zephyr Abstract Syntax Description LanguageDaniel C. Wang, Andrew W. Appel, Jeff L. Korn, Chris S. Serra
    DSL '97ASTLOG: A Language for Examining Abstract Syntax TreesRoger F. Crew
    DSL '97KHEPERA: A System for Rapid Implementation of Domain-Specific LanguagesRickard E. Faith, Lars S. Nyland, Jan F. Prins
    DSL '97DiSTiL: A Transformation Library for Data StructuresYannis Smaragdakis, Don Batory
    DSL '97Programming Language Support for Digitized Images or, The Monsters in the ClosetDaniel E. Stevenson, Margaret M. Fleck
    DSL '97Modeling Interactive 3D and Multimedia Animation with an Embedded LanguageConal Elliott
    DSL '97A Special-Purpose Language for Picture-DrawingSamuel Kamin, David Hyatt
    DSL '97Service Combinators for Web ComputingLuca Cardelli, Rowan Davies
    DSL '97A Domain-Specific Language for Video Device Drivers: From Design to ImplementationScott Thibault, Renaud Marlet, Charles Consel
    DSL '97Domain-Specific Languages for ad hoc Distributed ApplicationsMatthew Fuchs
    DSL '97Experience with a Domain-Specific Language for Form-Based ServicesDavid Atkins, Thomas Ball, Michael Benedikt, Glenn Bruns, Kenneth Cox, Peter Mataga, Kenneth Rehor
    DSL '97Experience with a Language for Writing Coherence ProtocolsSatish Chandra, James R. Larus, Michael Dahlin, Bradley Richards, Randolph Y. Wang, Thomas E. Anderson
    DSL '97Lightweight Languages as Software Engineering ToolsDiomidis Spinellis, V. Guruprasad