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    USENIX Security '98A Java Beans Component Architecture for Cryptographic ProtocolsPekka Nikander, Arto Karila
    USENIX Security '98Secure VideoconferencingPeter Honeyman, Andy Adamson, Kevin Coffman, Janani Janakiraman, Rob Jerdonek, Jim Rees
    USENIX Security '98Unified Support for Heterogeneous Security Policies in Distributed SystemsNaftaly H. Minsky, Victoria Ungureanu
    USENIX Security '98Operating System Protection for Fine-Grained ProgramsTrent Jaeger, Jochen Liedtke, Nayeem Islam
    USENIX Security '98Expanding and Extending the Security Features of JavaNimisha V. Mehta, Karen R. Sollins
    USENIX Security '98Finite-State Analysis of SSL 3.0John C. Mitchell, Vitaly Shmatikov, Ulrich Stern
    USITS '97A Highly Scalable Electronic Mail Service Using Open SystemsNick Christenson, Tim Bosserman, David Beckemeyer
    USITS '97Improving Web Server Performance by Caching Dynamic DataArun Iyengar, Jim Challenger
    USITS '97BIT: A Tool for Instrumenting Java BytecodesHan Bok Lee, Benjamin G. Zorn
    USITS '97HPP: HTML Macro-Preprocessing to Support Dynamic Document CachingFred Douglis, Antonio Haro, Michael Rabinovich
    USITS '97Lightweight Security Primitives for E-CommerceYossi Matias, Alain Mayer, Avi Silberschatz
    USITS '97Going Beyond the Sandbox: An Overview of the New Security Architecture in the Java Development Kit 1.2Li Gong, Marianne Mueller, Hemma Prafullchandra, Roland Schemers
    USITS '97Secure Public Internet Access Handler (SPINACH)Elliot Poger, Mary G. Baker
    USITS '97Web Facts and FantasyStephen Manley, Margo Seltzer
    USITS '97SPAND: Shared Passive Network Performance DiscoverySrinivasan Seshan, Mark Stemm, Randy H. Katz
    USITS '97Rate of Change and Other Metrics: A Live Study of the World Wide WebFred Douglis, Anja Feldmann, Balachander Krishnamurthy, Jeffrey Mogul
    USITS '97Salamander: A Push-Based Distribution Substrate for Internet ApplicationsG. Robert Malan, Farnam Jahanian, Sushila Subramanian
    USITS '97Creating a Personal Web NotebookUdi Manber
    USITS '97Cost-Aware WWW Proxy Caching AlgorithmsPei Cao, Sandy Irani
    USITS '97System Design Issues for Internet Middleware Services: Deductions from a Large Client TraceSteven D. Gribble, Eric A. Brewer
    USITS '97Alleviating the Latency and Bandwidth Problems in WWW BrowsingTong Sau Loon, Vaduvur Bharghavan
    USITS '97The Search BrokerUdi Manber, Peter Bigot
    USITS '97Using the Structure of HTML Documents to Improve RetrievalMichal Cutler, Yungming Shih, Weiyi Meng
    USITS '97SASE: Implementation of a Compressed Text Search EngineSrinidhi Varadarajan, Tzi-cker Chiueh
    USITS '97Study of Piggyback Cache Validation for Proxy Caches in the World Wide WebBalachander Krishnamurthy, Craig E. Wills