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    First USENIX Workshop on Electronic CommerceA Safe Tcl Toolkit for Electronic Meeting PlacesJacob Y. Levy, John K. Ousterhout
    First USENIX Workshop on Electronic CommerceDeveloping and Deploying Corporate Cryptographic SystemsDiane E. Coe, Judith A. Furlong
    First USENIX Workshop on Electronic CommerceGeneric Extensions of WWW BrowsersRalf Hauser, Michael Steiner
    First USENIX Workshop on Electronic CommerceThe DigiBox: A Self-Protecting Container for Information CommerceOlin Sibert, David Bernstein, David Van Wie
    First USENIX Workshop on Electronic CommerceKerberos Plus RSA for World Wide Web SecurityDon Davis
    First USENIX Workshop on Electronic CommerceSecure Coprocessors in Electronic Commerce ApplicationsBennett Yee, J.D. Tygar
    First USENIX Workshop on Electronic CommerceiKP - A Family of Secure Electronic Payment ProtocolsMihir Bellare, Juan A. Garay, Ralf Hauser, Amir Herzberg, Hugo Krawczyk, Michael Steiner, Gene Tsudik, Michael Waidner
    First USENIX Workshop on Electronic CommerceNetBill Security and Transaction ProtocolBenjamin Cox, J.D. Tygar, Marvin Sirbu
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopTcl-DP Name ServerPeter T. Liu, Brian Smith, Lawrence Rowe
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopMultiple Trace Composition and Its UsesAdam Sah
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopTclProp: A Data-Propagation Formula Manager for Tcl and TkSunanda Iyengar, Joseph A. Konstan
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopA Table-based Layout EditorGeorge G. Howlett
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopDesigning Mega Widgets in the Tix LibraryIoi K. Lam
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop[incr Widgets] An Object-Oriented Mega-Widget SetMark L. Ulferts
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopCross Platform Support in TkRay Johnson, Scott Stanton
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopAutomatic Generation of Tcl Bindings for C and C++ LibrariesWolfgang Heidrich, William Slusallek
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopA Tcl to C CompilerForest R. Rouse, Wayne Christopher
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopUsing Tcl/Tk to Program a Full Functional Geographic Information SystemGeorge C. Moon, Alex Lee, Stephen Lindsey
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopTkReplay: Record and Replay for TkCharles Crowley
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopPLUG-IN: Using Tcl/Tk for Plan-Based User GuidanceF. Lonczewski
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopA Graphical User Interface Builder for TkStephen Uhler
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopThe New [incr Tcl]: Objects, Mega-Widgets, Namespaces and More Michael J. McLennan, AT&T Bell Laboratories Objective-Tcl: An Object-Oriented Tcl Environment
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopObjective-Tcl: An Object-Oriented Tcl EnvironmentPedja Bogdanovich
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopExtending Tcl for Dynamic Object-Oriented ProgrammingDavid Wetherall
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopInterpreted C++, Object Oriented Tcl, What next?Dean Sheehan