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    OSDI '94Opportunistic Log: Efficient Installation Reads in a Reliable Storage ServerJames O'Toole, Liuba Shrira
    OSDI '94Metadata Update Performance in File SystemsGregory R. Ganger, Yale N. Patt
    OSDI '94Disk-directed I/O for MIMD MultiprocessorsDavid Kotz
    OSDI '94Message-Driven Relaxed Consistency in a Software Distributed Shared MemoryPovl T. Koch, Robert J. Fowler, Eric Jul
    OSDI '94Software Write Detection for Distributed Shared MemoryMatthew J. Zekauskas, Wayne A. Sawdon, Brian N. Bershad
    OSDI '94The Design and Evaluation of a Shared Object System for Distributed Memory MachinesDaniel J. Scales, Monica S. Lam
    LISA VIIICentral System Administration in a Heterogeneous Unix Environment: GeNUAdminDr. Magnus Harlander
    LISA VIIIConfig: A Mechanism for Installing and Tracking System ConfigurationsJohn P. Rouillard, Richard B. Martin
    LISA VIIITowards a High-Level Machine Configuration SystemPaul Anderson
    LISA VIIIOMNICONF - Make OS Upgrade and Disk Crash Recovery EasierImazu Hideyo
    LISA VIIIAutomated Upgrades in a Lab EnvironmentPaul Riddle
    LISA VIIITenwen: The Reengineering of a Computing EnvironmentRemy Evard
    LISA VIIIKernel Mucking in TopWilliam LeFebvre
    LISA VIIIHandling Passwords with Security and Reliability in Background ProcessesDon Libes
    LISA VIIISoft: A Software Environment Abstraction MechanismRobert Leslie
    LISA VIIIBeam: A Tool for Flexible Software UpdateThomas Eirich
    LISA VIIIDepot-Lite: A Mechanism for Managing Software
    LISA VIIISENDS, a Tool for Managing Domain Naming and Electronic Mail in a Large OrganizationJerry Scharf, Paul Vixie
    LISA VIIIGetting More Work Out Of Work Tracking SystemsElizabeth D. Zwicky
    LISA VIIIManaging the Ever-Growing To Do List Remy Evard
    LISA VIIISpeeding Up UNIX Login by Caching the Initial EnvironmentCarl Hauser
    LISA VIIITHE BNR Standard Login (A Login Configuration Manager)Christopher Rath
    LISA VIIIExporting Home Directories on Demand to PCsDavid Clea, Alan Ibbetson
    LISA VIIIMonitoring Usage of Workstations with a Relational DatabaseJon Finke
    LISA VIIIAdventures in the Evolution of a High-Bandwidth Network for Central ServersKarl L. Swartz, Marty Dart, Les Cottrell