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    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopWhen is an object not an object?Mark Roseman
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopTcl-DP Name ServerPeter T. Liu, Brian Smith, Lawrence Rowe
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopMultiple Trace Composition and Its UsesAdam Sah
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopTclProp: A Data-Propagation Formula Manager for Tcl and TkSunanda Iyengar, Joseph A. Konstan
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopJoseph A. Konstan::University of Minnesota Benjamin B. Bederson, James D. Hollan
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopA Table-based Layout EditorGeorge G. Howlett
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopMega-widgets in Tcl/Tk: Evaluation and AnalysisShannon Jaeger, University of Calgary
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopDesigning Mega Widgets in the Tix LibraryIoi K. Lam
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop[incr Widgets] An Object-Oriented Mega-Widget SetMark L. Ulferts
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopCross Platform Support in TkRay Johnson, Scott Stanton
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopAutomatic Generation of Tcl Bindings for C and C++ LibrariesWolfgang Heidrich, William Slusallek
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopAn Anatomy of Guile: The Interface to Tcl/TkThomas Lord, Cygnus Support
    USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk WorkshopA Tcl to C CompilerForest R. Rouse, Wayne Christopher
    COOTS '95Phantom: An Interpreted Language for Distributed ProgrammingAntony Courtney
    COOTS '95A Framework for Higher-Order Functions in C++Konstantin Laufer
    COOTS '95Lingua-Franca: An IDL for Structural Subtyping Distributed Object SystemsPatrick Muckelbauer
    COOTS '95Adding Group Communication and Fault-Tolerance to CORBASilvano Maffeis
    COOTS '95Using Meta-Objects to Support Optimisation in the Apertos Operating SystemJun-ichiro Itoh, Yashuhiko Yokote, Rodger Lea
    COOTS '95The Spring Object ModelSanjay Radia, Graham Hamilton, Peter Kessler
    COOTS '95Integration of Concurrency Control in a Language with Subtyping and SubclassingCarlos Baquero, Rui Oliveira, Francisco Moura
    COOTS '95Generic Containers for a Distributed Object StoreCarsten Weich
    COOTS '95Media-Independent Interfaces in a Media-Dependent WorldKen Arnold, Kee Hinckley, Eric Sheinbrood
    COOTS '95Simple Activation for Distributed ObjectsAnn Wollrath, Geoff Wyant, Jim Waldo
    COOTS '95Dynamic Insertion of Object ServicesAjay Mohindra, Murthy Devarakonda, George Copeland
    COOTS '95Object-Oriented Components for High-speed Network ProgrammingDouglas C. Schmidt, Tim Harrison