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    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceImplementing Real Time Packet Forwarding Policies Using StreamsIan Wakeman, Atanu Ghosh, Jon Crowcroft, Van Jacobson, Sally Floyd
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceFlexible and Safe Resolution of File ConflictsPuneet Kumar, M. Satyanarayanan
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceOODCE: A C++ Framework for the OSF Distributed Computing EnvironmentJohn Dilley
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceMach-US: Unix On Generic OS Object ServersJ. Mark Stevenson, Daniel P Julin
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceEvents in an RPC Based Distributed SystemJim Waldo, Ann Wollrath, Geoff Wyant, Samuel C. Kendall
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceTurning the AIX Operating System into an MP-capable OSJacques Talbot
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceA Flash-Memory Based File SystemAtsuo Kawaguchi, Shingo Nishioka, Hiroshi Motoda
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceTRON: Process-Specific File Protection for the UNIX Operating SystemAndrew Berman, Virgil Bourassa, Erik Selberg
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceSIFT - a Tool for Wide-Area Information DisseminationTak W. Yan, Hector Garcia-Molina
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferencePerformance Implications of Multiple Pointer SizesJeffrey C. Mogul, Joel F. Bartlett, Robert N. Mayo, Amitabh Srivastava
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceIdleness is Not SlothRichard Golding, Peter Bosch, Carl Staelin, Tim Sullivan, John Wilkes
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceLibckpt: Transparent Checkpointing under UNIXJames S. Plank, Micah Beck, Gerry Kingsley, Kai Li
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceOptimizing the Performance of Dynamically-Linked ProgramsW. Wilson Ho, Wei-Chau Chang, Lilian H. Leung
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceDP: A Library for Building Portable, Reliable Distributed ApplicationsDavid M. Arnow
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceFile System Logging versus Clustering: A Performance ComparisonMargo Seltzer, Keith A. Smith, Hari Balakrishnan, Jacqueline Chang, Sara McMains, Venkata Padmanabhan
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceMetadata Logging in an NFS ServerUresh Vahalia, Cary G. Gray, Dennis Ting
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceHeuristic Cleaning Algorithms in Log-Structured File SystemsTrevor Blackwell, Jeffrey Harris
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceThe New Jersey Machine-Code ToolkitNorman Ramsey, Mary F. Fernandez
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceATOM: A Flexible Interface for Building High Performance Program Analysis ToolsAlan Eustace
    USENIX 1995 Technical ConferenceAdaptable Binary ProgramsSusan L. Graham, Steven Lucco, Robert Wahbe
    OSDI '94Distributed Filaments: Efficient Fine-Grain Parallelism on a Cluster of WorkstationsVincent W. Freeh, David K. Lowenthal, Gregory R. Andrews
    OSDI '94Integrating Coherency and Recovery in Distributed SystemsMichael J. Feeley, Jeffrey S. Chase, Vivek R. Narasayya, Henry M. Levy
    OSDI '94Garbage Collection and DSM ConsistencyPaulo Ferreira, Marc Shapiro
    OSDI '94Software Prefetching and Caching for Translation Lookaside BuffersKavita Bala, M. Frans Kaashoek
    OSDI '94Cooperative Caching: Using Remote Client Memory to Improve File System PerformanceMichael D. Dahlin, Randolph Y. Wang, Thomas E. Anderson, David A. Patterson