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    Smartcard '99Investigations of Power Analysis Attacks on SmartcardsThomas S. Messerges, Ezzy A. Dabbish
    Smartcard '99Risks and Potentials of Using EMV for Internet PaymentsEls Van Herreweghen, Uta Wille Jelmol
    Smartcard '99Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Modeling Security Threats for Smart CardsAdam Shostack
    Smartcard '99SCFS: A UNIX Filesystem for Smartcards
    Smartcard '99Java Card Secure Object SharingMichael Montgomery, Ksheerabdhi Krishna
    Smartcard '99Object Lifetimes in Java CardMarcus Oestreiche
    Smartcard '99A Personal Naming and Directory ServiceAlain Macaire, David Carlier
    Smartcard '99Beyond Cryptographic Conditional AccessDavid M. Goldschlag, David W. Kravitz
    Smartcard '99Providing Authentication to Messages Signed with a Smart Card in Hostile EnvironmentTage Stabell-Kulâ, Ronny Arild, Per Harald Myrvang
    Smartcard '99Authenticating Secure Tokens Using Slow Memory AccessJohn Kelsey, Bruce Schneier
    Smartcard '99Smartcard Integration with Kerberos V5Naomaru Itoi, Peter Honeyman
    Smartcard '99A Portable Solution for Mutual AuthenticationBastiaan Bakker
    Smartcard '99Software License Management with Smart CardsTuomas Aura, Dieter Gollmann
    Smartcard '99Efficient Block Ciphers for SmartcardsVincent Rijmen, K.U.Leuven , Joan Daemen
    Smartcard '99PKCS#15 - A Cryptographic Token Information Format StandardMagnus Nyström
    Smartcard '99Remotely Keyed Encryption Using Non-Encrypting Smart CardsStefan Lucks, Ruediger Weis
    Smartcard '99Feasibility of the Smart Card in Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) TechnologyAmaury Neve, Denis Flandre, Jean-Jacques Quisquater
    Smartcard '99Design Principles for Tamper-Resistant Smartcard ProcessorsOliver Kömmerling, Markus G. Kuhn
    Smartcard '99Which Security Policy for Multiplication Smart Cards?Pierre Girard
    COOTS '99The Design and Implementation of GuaranáAlexandre Oliva, Luiz Eduardo Buzato
    COOTS '99Tuning Branch Predictors to Support Java Method InvocationN. Vijaykrishnan, N. Ranganathan
    COOTS '99Comprehensive Profiling Support in the Java Virtual MachineSheng Liang, Deepa Viswanathan
    COOTS '99The Application of Object-Oriented Design Techniques to the Evolution of the Architecture of a Large Legacy Software SystemJeff Mason, Emil Ochotta
    COOTS '99Supporting Automatic Configuration of Component-Based Distributed SystemsFabio Kon, Roy H. Campbell
    COOTS '99Automating Three Modes of Evolution for Object-Oriented Software ArchitecturesLance Tokuda, Don Batory