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    COOTS '95The Spring Object ModelSanjay Radia, Graham Hamilton, Peter Kessler
    COOTS '95Integration of Concurrency Control in a Language with Subtyping and SubclassingCarlos Baquero, Rui Oliveira, Francisco Moura
    COOTS '95Generic Containers for a Distributed Object StoreCarsten Weich
    COOTS '95Media-Independent Interfaces in a Media-Dependent WorldKen Arnold, Kee Hinckley, Eric Sheinbrood
    COOTS '95Simple Activation for Distributed ObjectsAnn Wollrath, Geoff Wyant, Jim Waldo
    COOTS '95Dynamic Insertion of Object ServicesAjay Mohindra, Murthy Devarakonda, George Copeland
    COOTS '95Object-Oriented Components for High-speed Network ProgrammingDouglas C. Schmidt, Tim Harrison
    COOTS '95Program Explorer: A Program Visualizer for C++Danny B. Lange, Yuichi Nakamura
    COOTS '95Configuration Management in an Object-Oriented DatabaseMick Jordan, Michael Van DeVanter
    COOTS '95Debugging Storage Management Problems in Garbage-Collected EnvironmentsDave Detlefs, Bill Kaslow
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumFile-Based Network Collaboration SystemMasao Murota, Toshinari Takahashi, Atsushi Shimbo
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumSafe Use of X Window System Protocol Across a Firewall Brian L. Kahn
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumAn Architecture for Advanced Packet Filtering and Access PolicyAndrew Molitor
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumA Domain and Type Enforcement UNIX PrototypeLee Badger, Daniel F. Sterne, David L. Sherman, Kenneth M. Walker, Sheila A. Haghighat
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumProviding Policy Control Over Object Operations in a Mach-Based SystemSpencer E. Minear
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumJoining Security Realms: A Single Login for NetWare and KerberosWilliam A. Adamson, Jim Rees, Peter Honeyman
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumIndependent One-Time Passwords Aviel D. Rubin
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumOne-Time Passwords in Everything (OPIE): Experiences with Building and Using Strong AuthenticationDaniel L. McDonald, Randall J. Atkinson, Craig Metz, Kaman Sciences Corporation
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumImproving the Trustworthiness of Evidence Derived from Security Trace FilesEnnio Pozzetti, Vidar Vetland
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumUsing the Domain Name System for System Break-ins Steven M. Bellovin
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumDNS and BIND Security IssuesPaul A. Vixie
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumMIME Object Security Services: Issues in a Multi-User EnvironmentJames M. Galvin, Mark S. Feldman
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumInformation Security Technology? Don't Rely on It. A Case Study in Social EngineeringIra S. Winkler, Brian Dealy
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumA Simple Active Attack Against TCPLaurent Joncheray
    5th USENIX UNIX Security SymposiumWAN-hacking with AutoHack: Auditing Security Behind the Firewall Alec Muffet