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    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceXML Support For TclSteve Ball
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceCreating High Performance Web Applications using Tcl, Display Templates, XML, and Database ContentAlex Shah, Tony Darugar
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceA Tcl-based Multithreaded Test HarnessPaul Amaranth
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceUsing Tcl/Tk for an Automatic Test EngineC. Allen Flick, James Dixson
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk Conferencewshdbg - A Debugger for CGI ApplicationsAndrej Vckovski
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceThe Tycho Slate: Complex Drawing and Editing in Tcl/TkH. John Reekie, Edward A. Lee
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceIclient/Iserver: Distributed Objects using [incr Tcl]Lee F. Bernhard
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceData ObjectsGeorge A. Howlett
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceNBC's GEnesis Broadcast Automation System: From Prototype to ProductionS. J. Angelovich, Kevin B. Kenny, B. D. Sarachan
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceAn Extensible Remote Graphical Interface for an ATM Network SimulatorMichael D. Santos, P. M. Melliar-Smith, L. E. Moser
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceWinACIF: A Telecom IC Support Tool Using Tcl/TkDavid Karoly, Todd Copeland, David Gardner
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceCharity Telethon Supported by Tcl/TkDave Griffin
    EC '98Electronic Commerce on the MoveJohn du Pre Gauntt
    EC '98Electronic Commerce in Denmark: The Spread of EDI in Business-to-Business TransactionsNiels Christian Juul, Kim Viborg Andersen, Niels Bjørn-Andresen
    EC '98Sales Promotions on the InternetAnand Rangachari, Anant Jhingran, Rakesh Mohan
    EC '98General-purpose Digital Ticket FrameworkKo Fujimura, Yoshiaki Nakajima
    EC '98Towards a Framework for Handling Disputes in Payment SystemsN. Asokan, Els Van Herreweghen, Michael Steiner
    EC '98Secure WWW Transactions Using Standard HTTP and Java AppletsF. Bergadano, B. Crispo, M. Eccettuato
    EC '98SWAPEROO: A Simple Wallet Architecture for Payments, Exchanges, Refunds, and Other OperationsNeil Daswani, Dan Boneh, Hector Garcia-Molina, Steven Ketchpel, Andreas Paepcke
    EC '98The Eternal Resource Locator: An Alternative Means of Establishing Trust on the World Wide WebRoss J. Anderson, Václav Matyás Jr., Fabien A. Petitcolas
    EC '98Detecting Hit Shaving in Click-Through Payment SchemesMichael Reiter, AT&T Labs - Research, Vidod Anupam, Alain Mayer
    EC '98A Resilient Access Control Scheme for Secure Electronic TransactionsJong-Hyeon Lee
    EC '98Trusting Trusted Hardware: Towards a Formal Model for Programmable Secure CoprocessorsSean W. Smith, Vernon Austel
    EC '98On Secure and Pseudonymous Client-Relationships with Multiple ServersDaniel Bleichenbacher, Eran Gabber, Phil Gibbons, Yossi Matias, Alain Mayer
    EC '98The Auction Manager: Market Middleware for Large-Scale Electronic CommerceTracy Mullen, Michael P. Wellman