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    USENIX Security '99Building Intrusion-Tolerant ApplicationsThomas Wu, Michael Malkin, Dan Boneh
    USENIX Security '99Brute Force Attack on UNIX Passwords with SIMD ComputerGershon Kedem, Yuriko Ishihara
    USENIX Security '99Antigone: A Flexible Framework for Secure Group CommunicationPatrick McDaniel, Atul Prakash, Peter Honeyman
    USENIX Security '99Vaulted VPN: Compartmented Virtual Private Networks on Trusted Operating SystemsTse-Huong Choo, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Tse-Huong Choo
    USENIX Security '99Enforcing Well-Formed and Partially-Formed Transactions for UNIXDean Povey
    USENIX Security '99Synthesizing Fast Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems from High-Level SpecificationsR. Sekar, Prem UppuluriR. Sekar
    USENIX Security '99Hand-Held Computers Can Be Better Smart CardsDirk Balfanz, Edward W. Felten
    USENIX Security '99Offline DelegationArne Helme, Tage Stabell-Kulø
    USENIX Security '99The Design and Analysis of Graphical PasswordsIan Jermyn, Alain Mayer, Fabian Monrose, Michael K. Reiter, Aviel Rubin
    LISA-NT '99NT Security in an Open Academic EnvironmentMatthew Campbell, Andrea Chan, Robert Cowles, Gregg Daly, Ernest Denys, Patrick Hancox, William Johnson, David Leung, Jeff Lwin
    LISA-NT '99Deployment of Microsoft Windows NT in a Design Engineering EnvironmentJason Sampson, Elwood Coslett, Bob Paauwe, Russ Craft, Gary Washington, Kevin Wheeler
    LISA-NT '99NFS and SMB Data Sharing Within a Heterogeneous Environment: A Real World StudyAlan Epps, Dr. Glenn Bailey, Douglas Glatz
    LISA-NT '99Administering a Windows NT Domain Using a Non-Windows NT Primary Domain ControllerGerald Carter
    LISA-NT '99Radio Dial-in Connectivity to NT NetworksKenneth May
    LISA-NT '99Scalable, Remote Administration of Windows NTMichail Gomberg, Craig Stacey, Janet Sayrem
    LISA-NT '99A Network Machine Management SystemDave Roth
    LISA-NT '99State-Driven Software Installation for Windows NTMartin Sjolin
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumHACC: An Architecture for Cluster-Based Web ServersXiaolan Zhang, Michael Barrientos, J. Bradley Chen
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumA Technique for Reducing Startup Latency in Mobile and Desktop ApplicationsDennis Lee, Jean-Loup Baer, Brian Bershad, Tom Anderson
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumFIFS: A Framework for Implementing User-Mode File Systems in Windows NTDanilo Almeida
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumDetours: Binary Interception of Win32 FunctionsDoug Brubacher
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumEvaluating Windows NT TSE PerformanceAlexander Ya-li Wong, Margo Seltzer
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumCPU Reservations and Time Constraints: Implementation Experience on Windows NTMichael B. Jones, John Regehr
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumHard Real-time with RTX on Windows NTMike Cherepov, Chris Jones
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumHigher-Order Concurrent Win32 ProgrammingRiccardo Pucella