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    LISA-NT '99Scalable, Remote Administration of Windows NTMichail Gomberg, Craig Stacey, Janet Sayrem
    LISA-NT '99A Network Machine Management SystemDave Roth
    LISA-NT '99State-Driven Software Installation for Windows NTMartin Sjolin
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumHACC: An Architecture for Cluster-Based Web ServersXiaolan Zhang, Michael Barrientos, J. Bradley Chen
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumA Technique for Reducing Startup Latency in Mobile and Desktop ApplicationsDennis Lee, Jean-Loup Baer, Brian Bershad, Tom Anderson
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumFIFS: A Framework for Implementing User-Mode File Systems in Windows NTDanilo Almeida
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumDetours: Binary Interception of Win32 FunctionsDoug Brubacher
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumEvaluating Windows NT TSE PerformanceAlexander Ya-li Wong, Margo Seltzer
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumCPU Reservations and Time Constraints: Implementation Experience on Windows NTMichael B. Jones, John Regehr
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumHard Real-time with RTX on Windows NTMike Cherepov, Chris Jones
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumHigher-Order Concurrent Win32 ProgrammingRiccardo Pucella
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumWindows NT in a ccNUMA SystemBishop Brock, Gary Carpenter, Eli Chiprout, Mark Dean, Elmootazbellah Elnozahy, David Glasco, James Peterson, Ramakrishnan Rajamony, Freeman Rawson, Ron Rockhold, Andrew Zimmerman
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumThe Record-Breaking Terabyte Sort on a 72-node Compaq ClusterPankaj Mehra, Samuel A. Fineberg
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumMillennium Sort: A Cluster-Based Application for Windows NT Using DCOM, River Primitives and the Virtual Interface ArchitecturePhilip Buonadonna, Joshua Coates, Spencer Low, David E. Culler
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumMTEX - A Bridge for Migrating CAD Design Environment from UNIX to NTTy Tang, Vipul Lal, Shesha Krishnapura
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumPorting Legacy Engineering Applications onto Distributed NT SystemsNick Allsopp, Tim Cooper, P. Ftakas, Patrick Macey
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumPorting a User-Level Communication Architecture to NT: Experiences and PerformanceYuqun Chen, Stefanos N. Damianakis, Sanjeev Kumar, Xiang Yu, Kai Li
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumEfficient User-Level Thread Migration and Checkpointing on Windows NT ClustersHazim Abdel-Shafi, Evan Speight, John K. Bennett
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumHigh-End Workstation Compute Farms Using Windows NTSrinivas Nimmagadda, Joshua LeVasseur, Rumi Zahir
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumHigh-Performance Distributed Objects over System Area NetworksAlessandro Forin, Galen Hunt, Li Li, Yi-Min Wang
    USENIX ATC '99The Design and Implementation of DCD Device Driver for UNIXTycho Nightingale, Yiming Hu, Qing Yang
    USENIX ATC '99An Application-Aware Data Storage ModelTodd A. Anderson, James Griffioen
    USENIX ATC '99Improving Application Performance through Swap CompressionRaul Cervera, Toni Cortes, Yolanda Becerra
    USENIX ATC '99New Tricks for an Old Terminal DriverEric Fischer
    USENIX ATC '99The Design of the Dents DNS ServerTodd Lewis