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    LISA '99Tcl/Tk: A Strong Basis for Complex Load Testing SystemsAhmet Can Keskin, Till Immanuel Patzschke, Ernst von Voight
    LISA '99Using Tcl to Build a Buzzword-Compliant Environment That Glues Together Legacy Analysis ProgramsCarsten H. Lawrenz, Rajkumar C. Madhuram
    LISA '99Rapid CORBA Server Development in Tcl: A Case StudyJason Brazile, Andrej Vckovski
    LISA '99AGNI: A Multi-threaded Middleware for Distributed ScriptingM. Ranganathan, Marc Bednarek, Fernand Pors, Doug Montgomery
    LISA '99Introducing QoS Awareness in Tcl Programming: QTclRoberto Canonico, Maurizio D'Arienzo, Simon Pietro Romano, Giorgio Ventre
    LISA '99CollabWiseTk: A Toolkit for Rendering Stand-alone Applications CollaborativeHemang Lavana, Franc Brglez
    USITS '99Efficient Support for Content-based Routing in Web Server ClustersChu-Sing Yang, Mon-Yen Luo
    USITS '99Rapid Reverse DNS Lookups for Web ServersWilliam LeFebvre, Ken Craig
    USITS '99Connection Scheduling in Web ServersMark Crovella, Robert Frangioso, Mor Harchol-Balter
    USITS '99Using Full Reference History for Efficient Document Replacement in Web CachesHyokyung Bahn, Sam H. Noh, Kern Koh, Sang Lyul Min
    USITS '99Providing Dynamic and Customizable Caching PoliciesJ. Fritz Barnes, Raju Pandey
    USITS '99Exploiting Result Equivalence in Caching Dynamic Web ContentBen Smith, Anurag Acharya, Tao Yang, Huican Zhu
    USITS '99Active Names: Flexible Location and Transport of Wide-Area ResourcesAmin Vahdat, Michael Dahlin, Thomas Anderson, Amit Aggarwal
    USITS '99Person-level Routing in the Mobile People ArchitectureMema Roussopoulos, Petros Maniatis, Edward Swierk, Kevin Lai, Guido Appenzeller, Mary Baker
    USITS '99A User's and Programmer's View of the New JavaScript Security ModelVinod Anupam, David M. Kristol, Alain Mayer
    USITS '99Prefetching HyperlinksDan Duchamp
    USITS '99Mining Longest Repeated Subsequences to Predict World Wide Web SurfingJim Pitkow, Peter Pirolli
    USITS '99Secondary Storage Management for Web ProxiesEvangelos P. Markatos, Manolis G.H. Katevenis, Dionisis Pnevmatikatos, Michail Flouris
    USITS '99Compression Proxy Server: Design and ImplementationChi-Hung Chi, Jing Deng, Yan-Hong Lim
    USITS '99On the Performance of TCP Splicing for URL-Aware RedirectionAriel Cohen, Sampath Rangarajan, Hamilton Slye
    USITS '99Sting: A TCP-based Network Measurement ToolStefan Savage
    USITS '99JPEG Compression Metric as a Quality-Aware Image TranscodingSurendar Chandra, Carla Schlatter Ellis
    USITS '99The Ninja JukeboxIan Goldberg, Steven D. Gribble, David Wagner, Eric A. Brewer
    USITS '99Cha-Cha: A System for Organizing Intranet Search ResultsMichael Chen, Marti Hearst, Jason Hong, James Lin
    USITS '99A Document-based Framework for Internet Application ControlTodd D. Hodes, Randy H. Katz