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    ALS 2000Dynamic Probes and Generalised Kernel Hooks Interface for LinuxRichard J. Moore
    ALS 2000Knowing When to Say NoAllan Cantos
    ALS 2000Linux on the System/390Adam Thornton
    ALS 2000A user-mode port of the Linux kernelJeff Dike
    ALS 2000Embedded LinuxNicholas McGuire
    ALS 2000Mozilla as a cross-platform application development frameworkDavid Ascher, Eric Promislow, Dick Hardt
    ALS 2000Library Interface Versioning in Solaris and LinuxDavid J. Brown, Karl Runge
    USENIX Security '00A Chosen Ciphertext Attack Against Several E-Mail Encryption ProtocolsJonathan Katz, Bruce Schneier
    USENIX Security '00PGP in Constrained Wireless DevicesMichael Brown, Donny Cheung, Darrel Hankerson, Julio Lopez Hernandez, Michael Kirkup, Alfred Menezes
    USENIX Security '00Shibboleth: Private Mailing List ManagerMatt Curtin
    USENIX Security '00CenterTrack: An IP Overlay Network for Tracking DoS FloodsRobert Stone
    USENIX Security '00A Multi-Layer IPSEC ProtocolYongguang Zhang, Bikramjit Singh
    USENIX Security '00Defeating TCP/IP Stack FingerprintingMatthew Smart, G. Robert Malan, Farnam Jahanian
    USENIX Security '00Detecting and Countering System Intrusions Using Software WrappersCalvin Ko, Timothy Fraser, Lee Badger, Douglas Kilpatrickv
    USENIX Security '00Detecting BackdoorsYin Zhang, Vern Paxson
    USENIX Security '00Detecting Stepping Stones
    USENIX Security '00Automated Response Using System-Call DelayAnil Somayaji, Stephanie Forrest
    USENIX Security '00An Open-Source Cryptographic CoprocessorPeter Gutmann
    USENIX Security '00Secure Coprocessor Integration with Kerberos V5Naomaru Itoi
    USENIX Security '00Analysis of the Intel Pentium's Ability to Support a Secure Virtual Machine MonitorJohn Scott Robin, Cynthia E. Irvine
    USENIX Security '00Publius: A Robust, Tamper-Evident, Censorship-Resistant, and Source-Anonymous Web Publishing SystemMarc Waldman, Aviel D. Rubin, Lorrie F. Cranor
    USENIX Security '00Probabilistic Counting of Large Digital Signature CollectionsMarkus G. Kuhn
    USENIX Security '00Can Pseudonymity Really Guarantee Privacy?Josyula R. Rao, Pankaj Rohatgi
    USENIX Security '00MAPbox: Using Parameterized Behavior Classes to Confine Untrusted ApplicationsAnurag Acharya, Mandar Raje
    USENIX Security '00A Secure Java Virtual MachineLeendert van Doorn