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    LISA '98Design and Implementation of an Administration System for Distributed Web ServerC. S. Yang, M. Y. Luo
    LISA '98Using Gigabit Ethernet to Backup Six TerabytesW. Curtis Preston
    LISA '98Configuring Database ServersChristopher R. Page
    LISA '98System Management With NetScriptApratim Purakayastha, Ajay Mohindra
    LISA '98Accountworks: Users Create Accounts on SQL, Notes, NT and UNIXBob Arnold
    LISA '98Single Sign-On and the System AdministratorMichael Fleming Grubb, Rob Carter
    LISA '98TITANDan Farmer, Brad Powell, Matthew Archibald
    LISA '98Infrastructure: A Prerequisite for Effective SecurityBill Fithen, Steve Kalinowski, Jeff Carpenter, Jed Pickel
    LISA '98SSU: Extending SSH for Secure Root AdministrationChristopher Thorpe
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceUsing Content-Derived Names for Package Management in TclEthan L. Miller, Kennedy Akala, Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceUsing Tcl to Rapidly Develop a Scalable Engine for Processing Dynamic Application LogicGreg Barish
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceUsing Tcl to Script CORBA Interactions in a Distributed SystemMichael L. Miller, Srikumar Kareti
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceWebWise Tcl/Tk: A Safe-Tcl/Tk-based Toolkit Enhanced for the World Wide WebHemang Lavana, Franc Brglez
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceInternet-based Desktops in Tcl/Tk: Collaborative and RecordableAmit Khetawat
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceCreating a Multimedia Extension for Tcl Using the Java Media FrameworkMoses DeJong, Brian Bailey, Joseph A. Konstan
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceVisualizing Personal Web Caches with CaubviewCharles L. Brooks, Murray S. Mazer, Frederick J. Hirsch
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceNeoWebScript: Enabling Webpages With Active Content Using TclKarl Lehenbauer
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceXML Support For TclSteve Ball
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceCreating High Performance Web Applications using Tcl, Display Templates, XML, and Database ContentAlex Shah, Tony Darugar
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceA Tcl-based Multithreaded Test HarnessPaul Amaranth
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceUsing Tcl/Tk for an Automatic Test EngineC. Allen Flick, James Dixson
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk Conferencewshdbg - A Debugger for CGI ApplicationsAndrej Vckovski
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceThe Tycho Slate: Complex Drawing and Editing in Tcl/TkH. John Reekie, Edward A. Lee
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceIclient/Iserver: Distributed Objects using [incr Tcl]Lee F. Bernhard
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceData ObjectsGeorge A. Howlett