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    USENIX Security '00Publius: A Robust, Tamper-Evident, Censorship-Resistant, and Source-Anonymous Web Publishing SystemMarc Waldman, Aviel D. Rubin, Lorrie F. Cranor
    USENIX Security '00Probabilistic Counting of Large Digital Signature CollectionsMarkus G. Kuhn
    USENIX Security '00Can Pseudonymity Really Guarantee Privacy?Josyula R. Rao, Pankaj Rohatgi
    USENIX Security '00MAPbox: Using Parameterized Behavior Classes to Confine Untrusted ApplicationsAnurag Acharya, Mandar Raje
    USENIX Security '00A Secure Java Virtual MachineLeendert van Doorn
    USENIX Security '00Encrypting Virtual MemoryNiels Provos
    USENIX Security '00Deja Vu--A User Study: Using Images for AuthenticationRachna Dhamija, Adrian Perrig
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumWSDLite: A Lightweight Alternative to Windows Sockets Direct PathEvan Speight, Hazim Abdel-Shafi, John K. Bennett
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumGlobal Memory Management for a Multi-Computer SystemDejan Milojicic, Steve Hoyle, Alan Messer, Albert Munoz, Lance Russell, Tom Wylegala, Vivekanand Vellanki, Stephen Childs
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumExtending the Windows Desktop Interface with Connected Handheld ComputersBrad Myers, Robert Miller, Benjamin Bostwick, Carl Evankovich
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumOpportunities for Bandwidth Adaptation in Microsoft Office DocumentsEyal de Lara, Dan S. Wallach, Willy Zwaenepoel
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumA Toolkit for Building Dependable and Extensible Home Networking ApplicationsYi-Min Wang, Wilf Russell, Anish Arora
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumAn Empirical Study of the Robustness of Windows NT Applications Using Random TestingJustin Forrester, Barton Miller
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumGemini Lite: A Non-Intrusive Debugger for Windows NTRyan Wallach
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumUser-level Resource-constrained SandboxingFangzhe Chang, Ayal Itzkovitz, Vijay Karamcheti
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumWindowBox: A Simple Security Model for the Connected DesktopDirk Balfanz, Daniel R. Simon
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumAn Objectbase Schema Evolution Approach to Windows NT SecurityKen Barker, Raj Jayaplan, Randal Peters
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumArchipelago: An Island-Based File System for Highly Available and Scalable Internet ServicesMinwen Ji, Edward W. Felten, Randolph Wang, Jaswinder Pal Singh
    4th USENIX Windows Systems SymposiumSingle Instance Storage in Windows 2000Bill Bolosky, Scott Corbin, David Goebel, John Douceur
    LISA-NT 2000Enterprise Management of NT ServicesJ. Nick Otto
    LISA-NT 2000Monitor an Enterprise of SQL Servers--Automating Management by Exception with PerlLinchi Shea
    LISA-NT 2000Automated Generic Operating System Installation and Maintenance (JACAL)Joel D. Martin, Aaron D. Brooks
    LISA-NT 2000Remote Windows NT Administration Using Windows CE Handheld DevicesCraig Stacey
    LISA-NT 2000Kerberos Interoperability IssuesPaul B. Hill
    LISA-NT 2000NT5 and Samba Integration IssuesLuke K. C. Leighton