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    NETA '99Keynote Address: "Home, Road and Work Have Merged Via the Internet" Norm Schryer
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsThe Personal Node (PN)Gregory Finn, Joe Touch
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsDiscourse with Disposable Computers: How and Why Will You Talk to Your TomatoesDavid Arnold, Bill Segall, Julian Boot, Simon Kaplan, Melfyn Lloyd
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsSmart Office SpacesBora Akyol, Alden Jackson, Rajesh Krishnan, David Mankins, Craig Partridge, Nicholas Shectman, Gregory Troxel
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsAirJava: Networking for Smart SpacesKevin Mills
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsBringing the Internet to All Electronic DevicesChris Sontag, Michael Howard
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsRETHER: A Software-Only Real-Time Ethernet for PLC NetworksTzi-cker Chiueh
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsPebble: A Component-based Operating System for Embedded ApplicationsEran Gabber, Christopher Small, John Bruno, José Brustoloni, Avi Silberschatz
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsMassively Distributed Systems: Design Issues and ChallengesDan Nessett
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsLearning in Intelligent Embedded SystemsDaniel D. Lee, H. Sebastian Seung
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsUsing Mobile Code Interfaces to Control Ubiquitous Embedded SystemsKari Kangas, Juha Röning
    Workshop on Embedded SystemsChallenges in Embedded Database System AdministrationMargo Seltzer, Michael Olson
    OSDI '99Logical vs. Physical File System BackupNorman C. Hutchinson, University of British Columbia, Stephen Manley, Michael Federwisch, Guy Harris, Dave Hitz, Steven Kleiman, Sean O'Malley
    OSDI '99The Design of a Multicast-based Distributed File SystemBjörn Grönvall, Assar Westerlund, Stephen Pink
    OSDI '99Integrating Content-based Access Mechanisms with Hierarchical File SystemsBurra Gopal, Udi Manber
    OSDI '99Tapeworm: High-Level Abstractions of Shared AccessesPeter J. Keleher
    OSDI '99MultiView and Millipage--Fine-Grain Sharing in Page-Based DSMsAyal Itzkovitz, Assaf Schuster
    OSDI '99Optimizing the Idle Task and Other MMU TricksCort Dougan, Paul Mackerras, Victor Yodaiken
    OSDI '99The Coign Automatic Distributed Partitioning SystemGalen C. Hunt, Michael L. Scott
    OSDI '99ETI Resource Distributor: Guaranteed Resource Allocation and Scheduling in Multimedia SystemsMiche Baker-Harvey
    OSDI '99A Feedback-Driven Proportion Allocator for Real-Rate SchedulingDavid C. Steere, Ashvin Goel, Joshua Gruenberg, Dylan McNamee, Calton Pu, Jonathan Walpole
    OSDI '99A Comparison of Windows Driver Model Latency Performance on Windows NT and Windows 98Erik Cota-Robles, James P. Held
    OSDI '99Tornado: Maximizing Locality and Concurrency in a Shared Memory Multiprocessor Operating SystemBen Gamsa, Orran Krieger, Jonathan Appavoo, Michael Stumm
    OSDI '99Interface and Execution Models in the Fluke KernelBryan Ford, Mike Hibler, Jay Lepreau, Roland McGrath, Patrick Tullmann
    OSDI '99Fine-Grained Dynamic Instrumentation of Commodity Operating System KernelsBarton P. Miller, Ariel Tamches