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    USENIX Security '20TextShield: Robust Text Classification Based on Multimodal Embedding and Neural Machine TranslationJinfeng Li, Tianyu Du, Shouling Ji, Rong Zhang, Quan Lu, Min Yang, Ting Wang
    USENIX Security '20A Longitudinal and Comprehensive Study of the DANE Ecosystem in EmailHyeonmin Lee, Aniketh Gireesh, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, Taekyoung "Ted" Kwon, Taejoong Chung
    USENIX Security '20Call Me Maybe: Eavesdropping Encrypted LTE Calls With ReVoLTEDavid Rupprecht, Katharina Kohls, Thorsten Holz, Christina Pöpper
    USENIX Security '20MIRAGE: Succinct Arguments for Randomized Algorithms with Applications to Universal zk-SNARKsAhmed Kosba, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Charalampos Papamanthou, Dawn Song
    USENIX Security '20TeeRex: Discovery and Exploitation of Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities in SGX EnclavesTobias Cloosters, Michael Rodler, Lucas Davi
    USENIX Security '20A Spectral Analysis of Noise: A Comprehensive, Automated, Formal Analysis of Diffie-Hellman ProtocolsGuillaume Girol, Lucca Hirschi, Ralf Sasse, Dennis Jackson, Cas Cremers, David Basin
    USENIX Security '20Measuring and Modeling the Label Dynamics of Online Anti-Malware EnginesShuofei Zhu, Jianjun Shi, Limin Yang, Boqin Qin, Ziyi Zhang, Linhai Song, Gang Wang
    USENIX Security '20Medusa: Microarchitectural Data Leakage via Automated Attack SynthesisDaniel Moghimi, Moritz Lipp, Berk Sunar, Michael Schwarz
    USENIX Security '20V0LTpwn: Attacking x86 Processor Integrity from SoftwareZijo Kenjar, Tommaso Frassetto, David Gens, Michael Franz, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
    USENIX Security '20SEAL: Attack Mitigation for Encrypted Databases via Adjustable LeakageIoannis Demertzis, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Charalampos Papamanthou, Saurabh Shintre
    USENIX Security '20Shim Shimmeny: Evaluating the Security and Privacy Contributions of Link Shimming in the Modern WebFrank Li
    USENIX Security '20COUNTERFOIL: Verifying Provenance of Integrated Circuits using Intrinsic Package Fingerprints and Inexpensive CamerasSiva Nishok Dhanuskodi, Xiang Li, Daniel Holcomb
    USENIX Security '20AURORA: Statistical Crash Analysis for Automated Root Cause ExplanationTim Blazytko, Moritz Schlögel, Cornelius Aschermann, Ali Abbasi, Joel Frank, Simon Wörner, Thorsten Holz
    USENIX Security '20FANS: Fuzzing Android Native System Services via Automated Interface AnalysisBaozheng Liu, Chao Zhang, Guang Gong, Yishun Zeng, Haifeng Ruan, Jianwei Zhuge
    USENIX Security '20Detecting Stuffing of a User’s Credentials at Her Own AccountsKe Coby Wang, Michael K. Reiter
    USENIX Security '20iOS, Your OS, Everybody's OS: Vetting and Analyzing Network Services of iOS ApplicationsZhushou Tang, Ke Tang, Minhui Xue, Yuan Tian, Sen Chen, Muhammad Ikram, Tielei Wang, Haojin Zhu
    USENIX Security '20Frankenstein: Advanced Wireless Fuzzing to Exploit New Bluetooth Escalation TargetsJan Ruge, Jiska Classen, Francesco Gringoli, Matthias Hollick
    USENIX Security '20Certified Side ChannelsCesar Pereida García, Sohaib ul Hassan, Nicola Tuveri, Iaroslav Gridin, Alejandro Cabrera Aldaya, Billy Bob Brumley
    USENIX Security '20NXNSAttack: Recursive DNS Inefficiencies and VulnerabilitiesYehuda Afek, Anat Bremler-Barr, Lior Shafir
    USENIX Security '20Silhouette: Efficient Protected Shadow Stacks for Embedded SystemsJie Zhou, Yufei Du, Zhuojia Shen, Lele Ma, John Criswell, Robert J. Walls
    USENIX Security '20Towards Robust LiDAR-based Perception in Autonomous Driving: General Black-box Adversarial Sensor Attack and CountermeasuresJiachen Sun, Yulong Cao, Qi Alfred Chen, Z. Morley Mao
    USENIX Security '20VoteAgain: A scalable coercion-resistant voting systemWouter Lueks, Iñigo Querejeta-Azurmendi, Carmela Troncoso
    USENIX Security '20You Are What You Broadcast: Identification of Mobile and IoT Devices from (Public) WiFiLingjing Yu, Bo Luo, Jun Ma, Zhaoyu Zhou, Qingyun Liu
    USENIX Security '20The Industrial Age of HackingTimothy Nosco, Jared Ziegler, Zechariah Clark, Davy Marrero, Todd Finkler, Andrew Barbarello, W. Michael Petullo
    USENIX Security '20SHA-1 is a Shambles: First Chosen-Prefix Collision on SHA-1 and Application to the PGP Web of TrustGaëtan Leurent, Thomas Peyrin