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    USENIX Security '20Local Model Poisoning Attacks to Byzantine-Robust Federated LearningMinghong Fang, Xiaoyu Cao, Jinyuan Jia, Neil Gong
    USENIX Security '20Zero-delay Lightweight Defenses against Website FingerprintingJiajun Gong, Tao Wang
    USENIX Security '20PCKV: Locally Differentially Private Correlated Key-Value Data Collection with Optimized UtilityXiaolan Gu, Ming Li, Yueqiang Cheng, Li Xiong, Yang Cao
    USENIX Security '20PARTEMU: Enabling Dynamic Analysis of Real-World TrustZone Software Using EmulationLee Harrison, Hayawardh Vijayakumar, Rohan Padhye, Koushik Sen, Michael Grace
    USENIX Security '20Data Recovery from “Scrubbed” NAND Flash Storage: Need for Analog SanitizationMd Mehedi Hasan, Biswajit Ray
    USENIX Security '20BigMAC: Fine-Grained Policy Analysis of Android FirmwareGrant Hernandez, Dave (Jing) Tian, Anurag Swarnim Yadav, Byron J. Williams, Kevin R.B. Butler
    USENIX Security '20Achieving Keyless CDNs with ConclavesStephen Herwig, Christina Garman, Dave Levin
    USENIX Security '20Programmable In-Network Security for Context-aware BYOD PoliciesQiao Kang, Lei Xue, Adam Morrison, Yuxin Tang, Ang Chen, Xiapu Luo
    USENIX Security '20Security Analysis of Unified Payments Interface and Payment Apps in IndiaRenuka Kumar, Sreesh Kishore, Hao Lu, Atul Prakash
    USENIX Security '20Montage: A Neural Network Language Model-Guided JavaScript Engine FuzzerSuyoung Lee, HyungSeok Han, Sang Kil Cha, Sooel Son
    USENIX Security '20An Off-Chip Attack on Hardware Enclaves via the Memory BusDayeol Lee, Dongha Jung, Ian T. Fang, Chia-Che Tsai, Raluca Ada Popa
    USENIX Security '20Stealthy Tracking of Autonomous Vehicles with Cache Side ChannelsMulong Luo, Andrew C. Myers, G. Edward Suh
    USENIX Security '20Secure parallel computation on national scale volumes of dataSahar Mazloom, Phi Hung Le, Samuel Ranellucci, S. Dov Gordon
    USENIX Security '20(Mostly) Exitless VM Protection from Untrusted Hypervisor through Disaggregated Nested VirtualizationZeyu Mi, Dingji Li, Haibo Chen, Binyu Zang, Haibing Guan
    USENIX Security '20Cached and Confused: Web Cache Deception in the WildSeyed Ali Mirheidari, Sajjad Arshad, Kaan Onarlioglu, Bruno Crispo, Engin Kirda, William Robertson
    USENIX Security '20ShadowMove: A Stealthy Lateral Movement StrategyAmirreza Niakanlahiji, Jinpeng Wei, Md Rabbi Alam, Qingyang Wang, Bei-Tseng Chu
    USENIX Security '20That Was Then, This Is Now: A Security Evaluation of Password Generation, Storage, and Autofill in Browser-Based Password Managers
    USENIX Security '20Estonian Electronic Identity Card: Security Flaws in Key ManagementArnis Parsovs
    USENIX Security '20SAVIOR: Securing Autonomous Vehicles with Robust Physical InvariantsRaul Quinonez, Jairo Giraldo, Luis Salazar, Erick Bauman, Alvaro Cardenas, Zhiqiang Lin
    USENIX Security '20Updates-Leak: Data Set Inference and Reconstruction Attacks in Online LearningAhmed Salem, Apratim Bhattacharya, Michael Backes, Mario Fritz, Yang Zhang
    USENIX Security '20Hybrid Batch Attacks: Finding Black-box Adversarial Examples with Limited QueriesFnu Suya, Jianfeng Chi, David Evans, Yuan Tian
    USENIX Security '20Understanding security mistakes developers make: Qualitative analysis from Build It, Break It, Fix ItDaniel Votipka, Kelsey R. Fulton, James Parker, Matthew Hou, Michelle L. Mazurek, Michael Hicks
    USENIX Security '20An Observational Investigation of Reverse Engineers’ ProcessesDaniel Votipka, Seth Rabin, Kristopher Micinski, Jeffrey S. Foster, Michelle L. Mazurek
    USENIX Security '20Big Numbers - Big Troubles: Systematically Analyzing Nonce Leakage in (EC)DSA ImplementationsSamuel Weiser, David Schrammel, Lukas Bodner, Raphael Spreitzer
    USENIX Security '20Plug-N-Pwned: Comprehensive Vulnerability Analysis of OBD-II Dongles as A New Over-the-Air Attack Surface in Automotive IoTHaohuang Wen, Qi Alfred Chen, Zhiqiang Lin