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    USENIX Security '21Blinder: Partition-Oblivious Hierarchical SchedulingMan-Ki Yoon, Mengqi Liu, Hao Chen, Jung-Eun Kim, Zhong Shao
    USENIX Security '21Nyx: Greybox Hypervisor Fuzzing using Fast Snapshots and Affine TypesSergej Schumilo, Cornelius Aschermann, Ali Abbasi, Simon Wör­ner, Thorsten Holz
    USENIX Security '21Saphire: Sandboxing PHP Applications with Tailored System Call AllowlistsAlexander Bulekov, Rasoul Jahanshahi, Manuel Egele
    USENIX Security '21Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Vulnerable Does Not Imply ExploitedDaniel Perez, Benjamin Livshits
    USENIX Security '21Finding Bugs Using Your Own Code: Detecting Functionally-similar yet Inconsistent CodeMansour Ahmadi, Reza Mirzazade Farkhani, Ryan Williams, Long Lu
    USENIX Security '21Assessing Browser-level Defense against IDN-based PhishingHang Hu, Steve T.K. Jan, Yang Wang, Gang Wang
    USENIX Security '21An Investigation of the Android Kernel Patch EcosystemZheng Zhang, Hang Zhang, Zhiyun Qian, Billy Lau
    USENIX Security '21Raccoon Attack: Finding and Exploiting Most-Significant-Bit-Oracles in TLS-DH(E)Robert Merget, Marcus Brinkmann, Nimrod Aviram, Juraj Somorovsky, Johannes Mittmann, Jörg Schwenk
    USENIX Security '21" quiet!" Reducing the Unwanted Interruptions of Notification Permission Prompts on ChromeIgor Bilogrevic, Balazs Engedy, Judson L. Porter III, Nina Taft, Kamila Hasanbega, Andrew Paseltiner, Hwi Kyoung Lee, Edward Jung, Meggyn Watkins, PJ McLachlan, Jason James
    USENIX Security '21Why Eve and Mallory Still Love Android: Revisiting TLS (In)Security in Android ApplicationsMarten Oltrogge, Nicolas Huaman, Sabrina Amft, Yasemin Acar, Michael Backes, Sascha Fahl
    USENIX Security '21Poseidon: A New Hash Function for Zero-Knowledge Proof SystemsLorenzo Grassi, Dmitry Khovratovich, Christian Rechberger, Arnab Roy, Markus Schofnegger
    USENIX Security '21Adapting Security Warnings to Counter Online DisinformationBen Kaiser, Jerry Wei, Eli Lucherini, Kevin Lee, J. Nathan Matias, Jonathan Mayer
    USENIX Security '21ABY2.0: Improved Mixed-Protocol Secure Two-Party ComputationArpita Patra, Thomas Schneider, Ajith Suresh, Hossein Yalame
    USENIX Security '21Identifying Harmful Media in End-to-End Encrypted Communication: Efficient Private Membership ComputationAnunay Kulshrestha, Jonathan Mayer
    USENIX Security '21Fragment and Forge: Breaking Wi-Fi Through Frame Aggregation and FragmentationMathy Vanhoef
    USENIX Security '21Hermes Attack: Steal DNN Models with Lossless Inference AccuracyYuankun Zhu, Yueqiang Cheng, Husheng Zhou, Yantao Lu
    USENIX Security '21Deep Entity Classification: Abusive Account Detection for Online Social NetworksTeng Xu, Gerard Goossen, Huseyin Kerem Cevahir, Sara Khodeir, Yingyezhe Jin, Frank Li, Shawn Shan, Sagar Patel, David Freeman, Paul Pearce
    USENIX Security '21DOLMA: Securing Speculation with the Principle of Transient Non-ObservabilityKevin Loughlin, Ian Neal, Jiacheng Ma, Elisa Tsai, Ofir Weisse, Satish Narayanasamy, Baris Kasikci
    USENIX Security '21Evil Under the Sun: Understanding and Discovering Attacks on Ethereum Decentralized ApplicationsLiya Su, Xinyue Shen, Xiangyu Du, Xiaojing Liao, XiaoFeng Wang, Luyi Xing, Baoxu Liu
    USENIX Security '21Demon in the Variant: Statistical Analysis of DNNs for Robust Backdoor Contamination DetectionDi Tang, XiaoFeng Wang, Haixu Tang, Kehuan Zhang
    USENIX Security '21Automated Discovery of Denial-of-Service Vulnerabilities in Connected Vehicle ProtocolsShengtuo Hu, Qi Alfred Chen, Jiachen Sun, Yiheng Feng, Z. Morley Mao, Henry X. Liu
    USENIX Security '21An Analysis of Speculative Type Confusion Vulnerabilities in the WildOfek Kirzner, Adam Morrison
    USENIX Security '21PACStack: an Authenticated Call StackHans Liljestrand, Thomas Nyman, Lachlan J. Gunn, Jan-Erik Ekberg, N. Asokan
    USENIX Security '21Can Systems Explain Permissions Better? Understanding Users' Misperceptions under Smartphone Runtime Permission ModelBingyu Shen, Lili Wei, Chengcheng Xiang, Yudong Wu, Mingyao Shen, Yuanyuan Zhou, Xinxin Jin
    USENIX Security '21EVMPatch: Timely and Automated Patching of Ethereum Smart ContractsMichael Rodler, Wenting Li, Ghassan O. Karame, Lucas Davi