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    USENIX Security '19The Web's Identity Crisis: Understanding the Effectiveness of Website Identity IndicatorsChristopher Thompson, Martin Shelton, Emily Stark, Maximilian Walker, Emily Schechter, Adrienne Porter Felt
    USENIX Security '19Improving Robustness of ML Classifiers against Realizable Evasion Attacks Using Conserved FeaturesLiang Tong, Bo Li, Chen Hajaj, Chaowei Xiao, Ning Zhang, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
    USENIX Security '19in-toto: Providing farm-to-table guarantees for bits and bytesSantiago Torres-Arias, Hammad Afzali, Trishank Karthik Kuppusamy, Reza Curtmola, Justin Cappos
    USENIX Security '19Everyone is Different: Client-side Diversification for Defending Against Extension FingerprintingErik Trickel, Oleksii Starov, Alexandros Kapravelos, Nick Nikiforakis, Adam Doupé
    USENIX Security '19Pythia: Remote Oracles for the MassesShin-Yeh Tsai, Mathias Payer, Yiying Zhang
    USENIX Security '19Users Really Do Answer Telephone ScamsHuahong Tu, Adam Doupé, Ziming Zhao, Gail-Joon Ahn
    USENIX Security '19ERIM: Secure, Efficient In-process Isolation with Protection Keys (MPK)Anjo Vahldiek-Oberwagner, Eslam Elnikety, Nuno O. Duarte, Michael Sammler, Peter Druschel, Deepak Garg
    USENIX Security '19Cognitive Triaging of Phishing AttacksAmber van der Heijden, Luca Allodi
    USENIX Security '19IODINE: Verifying Constant-Time Execution of HardwareKlaus v. Gleissenthall, Rami Gökhan Kıcı, Deian Stefan, Ranjit Jhala
    USENIX Security '19SafeHidden: An Efficient and Secure Information Hiding Technique Using Re-randomizationZhe Wang, Chenggang Wu, Yinqian Zhang, Bowen Tang, Pen-Chung Yew, Mengyao Xie, Yuanming Lai, Yan Kang, Yueqiang Cheng, Zhiping Shi
    USENIX Security '19Identifying Cache-Based Side Channels through Secret-Augmented Abstract InterpretationShuai Wang, Yuyan Bao, Xiao Liu, Pei Wang, Danfeng Zhang, Dinghao Wu
    USENIX Security '19Birthday, Name and Bifacial-security: Understanding Passwords of Chinese Web UsersDing Wang, Ping Wang, Debiao He, Yuan Tian
    USENIX Security '19Looking from the Mirror: Evaluating IoT Device Security through Mobile Companion AppsXueqiang Wang, Yuqiong Sun, Susanta Nanda, XiaoFeng Wang
    USENIX Security '19ScatterCache: Thwarting Cache Attacks via Cache Set RandomizationMario Werner, Thomas Unterluggauer, Lukas Giner, Michael Schwarz, Daniel Gruss, Stefan Mangard
    USENIX Security '19KEPLER: Facilitating Control-flow Hijacking Primitive Evaluation for Linux Kernel VulnerabilitiesWei Wu, Yueqi Chen, Xinyu Xing, Wei Zou
    USENIX Security '19Seeing is Not Believing: Camouflage Attacks on Image Scaling AlgorithmsQixue Xiao, Yufei Chen, Chao Shen, Yu Chen, Kang Li
    USENIX Security '19The Anatomy of a Cryptocurrency Pump-and-Dump SchemeJiahua Xu, Benjamin Livshits
    USENIX Security '19CONFIRM: Evaluating Compatibility and Relevance of Control-flow Integrity Protections for Modern SoftwareXiaoyang Xu, Masoud Ghaffarinia, Wenhao Wang, Kevin W. Hamlen, Zhiqiang Lin
    USENIX Security '19Hiding in Plain Signal: Physical Signal Overshadowing Attack on LTEHojoon Yang, Sangwook Bae, Mincheol Son, Hongil Kim, Song Min Kim, Yongdae Kim
    USENIX Security '19Iframes/Popups Are Dangerous in Mobile WebView: Studying and Mitigating Differential Context VulnerabilitiesGuangLiang Yang, Jeff Huang, Guofei Gu
    USENIX Security '19Tracing Transactions Across Cryptocurrency LedgersHaaroon Yousaf, George Kappos, Sarah Meiklejohn
    USENIX Security '19Understanding and Improving Security and Privacy in Multi-User Smart Homes: A Design Exploration and In-Home User StudyEric Zeng, Franziska Roesner
    USENIX Security '19PeX: A Permission Check Analysis Framework for Linux KernelTong Zhang, Wenbo Shen, Dongyoon Lee, Changhee Jung, Ahmed M. Azab, Ruowen Wang
    USENIX Security '19FIRM-AFL: High-Throughput Greybox Fuzzing of IoT Firmware via Augmented Process EmulationYaowen Zheng, Ali Davanian, Heng Yin, Chengyu Song, Hongsong Zhu, Limin Sun
    USENIX Security '19Discovering and Understanding the Security Hazards in the Interactions between IoT Devices, Mobile Apps, and Clouds on Smart Home PlatformsWei Zhou, Yan Jia, Yao Yao, Lipeng Zhu, Le Guan, Yuhang Mao, Peng Liu, Yuqing Zhang