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    USENIX Security '23PatchVerif: Discovering Faulty Patches in Robotic VehiclesHyungsub Kim, Muslum Ozgur Ozmen, Z. Berkay Celik, Antonio Bianchi, Dongyan Xu
    USENIX Security '23DISTDET: A Cost-Effective Distributed Cyber Threat Detection SystemFeng Dong, Liu Wang, Xu Nie, Fei Shao, Haoyu Wang, Ding Li, Xiapu Luo, Xusheng Xiao
    USENIX Security '23The Impostor Among US(B): Off-Path Injection Attacks on USB CommunicationsRobert Dumitru, Daniel Genkin, Andrew Wabnitz, Yuval Yarom
    USENIX Security '23Fuzztruction: Using Fault Injection-based Fuzzing to Leverage Implicit Domain KnowledgeNils Bars, Moritz Schloegel, Tobias Scharnowski, Nico Schiller, Thorsten Holz
    USENIX Security '23NVLeak: Off-Chip Side-Channel Attacks via Non-Volatile Memory SystemsZixuan Wang, Mohammadkazem Taram, Daniel Moghimi, Steven Swanson, Dean Tullsen, Jishen Zhao
    USENIX Security '23A Research Framework and Initial Study of Browser Security for the Visually ImpairedElaine Lau, Zachary Peterson
    USENIX Security '23PUMM: Preventing Use-After-Free Using Execution Unit PartitioningCarter Yagemann, Simon P. Chung, Brendan Saltaformaggio, Wenke Lee
    USENIX Security '23POLICYCOMP: Counterpart Comparison of Privacy Policies Uncovers Overbroad Personal Data Collection PracticesLu Zhou, Chengyongxiao Wei, Tong Zhu, Guoxing Chen, Xiaokuan Zhang, Suguo Du, Hui Cao, Haojin Zhu
    USENIX Security '23One Server for the Price of Two: Simple and Fast Single-Server Private Information RetrievalAlexandra Henzinger, Matthew M. Hong, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Sarah Meiklejohn, Vinod Vaikuntanathan
    USENIX Security '23Exploring User Reactions and Mental Models Towards Perceptual Manipulation Attacks in Mixed RealityKaiming Cheng, Jeffery F. Tian, Tadayoshi Kohno, Franziska Roesner
    USENIX Security '23Eavesdropping Mobile App Activity via Radio-Frequency Energy HarvestingTao Ni, Guohao Lan, Jia Wang, Qingchuan Zhao, Weitao Xu
    USENIX Security '23Side-Channel Attacks on Optane Persistent MemorySihang Liu, Suraaj Kanniwadi, Martin Schwarzl, Andreas Kogler, Daniel Gruss, Samira Khan
    USENIX Security '23A Study of Multi-Factor and Risk-Based Authentication AvailabilityAnthony Gavazzi, Ryan Williams, Engin Kirda, Long Lu, Andre King, Andy Davis, Tim Leek
    USENIX Security '23Person Re-identification in 3D Space: A WiFi Vision-based ApproachYili Ren, Yichao Wang, Sheng Tan, Yingying Chen, Jie Yang
    USENIX Security '23Fourteen Years in the Life: A Root Server’s Perspective on DNS Resolver SecurityAlden Hilton, Casey Deccio, Jacob Davis
    USENIX Security '23ClepsydraCache -- Preventing Cache Attacks with Time-Based EvictionsJan Philipp Thoma, Christian Niesler, Dominic Funke, Gregor Leander, Pierre Mayr, Nils Pohl, Lucas Davi, Tim Güneysu
    USENIX Security '23Guarding Serverless Applications with KaliumDeepak Sirone Jegan, Liang Wang, Siddhant Bhagat, Michael Swift
    USENIX Security '23DynSQL: Stateful Fuzzing for Database Management Systems with Complex and Valid SQL Query GenerationZu-Ming Jiang, Jia-Ju Bai, Zhendong Su
    USENIX Security '23Automated Security Analysis of Exposure Notification SystemsKevin Morio, Ilkan Esiyok, Dennis Jackson, Robert Künnemann
    USENIX Security '23xNIDS: Explaining Deep Learning-based Network Intrusion Detection Systems for Active Intrusion ResponsesFeng Wei, Hongda Li, Ziming Zhao, Hongxin Hu
    USENIX Security '23Pspray: Timing Side-Channel based Linux Kernel Heap Exploitation TechniqueYoochan Lee, Jinhan Kwak, Junesoo Kang, Yuseok Jeon, Byoungyoung Lee
    USENIX Security '23Strategies and Vulnerabilities of Participants in Venezuelan Influence OperationsRuben Recabarren, Bogdan Carbunar, Nestor Hernandez, Ashfaq Ali Shafin
    USENIX Security '23Investigating Verification Behavior and Perceptions of Visual Digital CertificatesDañiel Gerhardt, Alexander Ponticello, Adrian Dabrowski, Katharina Krombholz
    USENIX Security '23Remote Attacks on Speech Recognition Systems Using Sound from Power SupplyLanqing Yang, Xinqi Chen, Xiangyong Jian, Leping Yang, Yijie Li, Qianfei Ren, Yi-Chao Chen, Guangtao Xue, Xiaoyu Ji
    USENIX Security '23HOMESPY: The Invisible Sniffer of Infrared Remote Control of Smart TVsKong Huang, YuTong Zhou, Ke Zhang, Jiacen Xu, Jiongyi Chen, Di Tang, Kehuan Zhang