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    LISA15Dynamic Provisioning of Storage WorkloadsJayanta Basak, Madhumita Bharde
    LISA15SF-TAP: Scalable and Flexible Traffic Analysis Platform Running on Commodity HardwareYuuki Takano, Ryosuke Miura, Shingo Yasuda, Kunio Akashi, Tomoya Inoue
    LISA15Hyperprobe: Towards Virtual Machine ExtrospectionJidong Xiao, Lei Lu, Hai Huang, Haining Wang
    LISA15Spyglass: Demand-Provisioned Linux Containers for Private Network AccessPatrick T. Cable II, Nabil Schear
    LISA14ParaSwift: File I/O Trace Modeling for the FutureRukma Talwadker, Kaladhar Voruganti
    LISA14The Truth About MapReduce Performance on SSDsKarthik Kambatla, Yanpei Chen
    LISA14Automatic and Dynamic Configuration of Data Compression for Web ServersEyal Zohar, Yuval Cassuto
    LISA14Towards Detecting Target Link Flooding AttackLei Xue, Xiapu Luo, Edmond W. W. Chan, Xian Zhan
    LISA14Realtime High-Speed Network Traffic Monitoring Using ntopngLuca Deri, Maurizio Martinelli, Alfredo Cardigliano
    LISA14Analyzing Log Analysis: An Empirical Study of User Log MiningS. Alspaugh, Beidi Chen, Jessica Lin, Archana Ganapathi, Marti Hearst, Randy Katz
    LISA14An Administrator’s Guide to Internet Password ResearchDinei Florencio, Cormac Herley, Paul C. van Oorschot
    LISA14Compiling Abstract Specifications into Concrete Systems—Bringing Order to the CloudIan Unruh, Alexandru G. Bardas, Rui Zhuang, Xinming Ou, Scott A. DeLoach
    LISA14HotRestore: A Fast Restore System for Virtual Machine ClusterLei Cui, Jianxin Li, Tianyu Wo, Bo Li, Renyu Yang, Yinglie Cao, Jinpeng Huai
    LISA '13Building Software Environments for Research Computing ClustersMark Howison, Aaron Shen, Andrew Loomis
    LISA '13Fixing On-call, or How to Sleep Through the NightMatt Provost
    LISA '13Live Upgrading Thousands of Servers from an Ancient Red Hat Distribution to 10 Year Newer Debian Based OneMarc Merlin
    LISA '13Managing Smartphone Testbeds with SmartLabGeorgios Larkou, Constantinos Costa, Panayiotis G. Andreou, Andreas Konstantinidis, Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti
    LISA '13YinzCam: Experiences with In-Venue Mobile Video and ReplaysNathan D. Mickulicz, Priya Narasimhan, Rajeev Gandhi
    LISA '13HotSnap: A Hot Distributed Snapshot System For Virtual Machine ClusterLei Cui, Bo Li, Yangyang Zhang, Jianxin Li
    LISA '13Challenges to Error Diagnosis in Hadoop EcosystemsJim Zhanwen Li, Siyuan He, Liming Zhu, Xiwei Xu, Min Fu, Len Bass, Anna Liu, An Binh Tran
    LISA '13Installation of an External Lustre Filesystem using Cray esMS management and Lustre 1.8.6Patrick Webb
    LISA '13Poncho: Enabling Smart Administration of Full Private CloudsScott Devoid, Narayan Desai, Lorin Hochstein
    LISA '13Making Problem Diagnosis Work for Large-Scale, Production Storage SystemsMichael P. Kasick, Priya Narasimhan, Kevin Harms
    LISA '12DNSSEC Deployment in .gov: Progress and Lessons LearnedScott Rose
    LISA '12A Simple File Storage System for Web ApplicationsDaniel Pollack