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    WOOT '19RISC-V: #AlphanumericShellcodingHadrien Barral, Rémi Géraud-Stewart, Georges-Axel Jaloyan, David Naccache
    WOOT '19Breaking Turtles All the Way Down: An Exploitation Chain to Break out of VMware ESXiHanqing Zhao, Yanyu Zhang, Kun Yang, Taesoo Kim
    WOOT '19Distributed Password Hash Computation on Commodity Heterogeneous Programmable PlatformsBranimir Pervan, Josip Knezovic, Katja Pericin
    WOOT '19Cross-Router Covert ChannelsAdar Ovadia, Rom Ogen, Yakov Mallah, Niv Gilboa, Yossi Oren
    WOOT '19MIN()imum Failure: EMFI Attacks against USB StacksColin O'Flynn
    WOOT '19Defeating Cisco Trust Anchor: A Case-Study of Recent Advancements in Direct FPGA Bitstream ManipulationJatin Kataria, Rick Housley, Joseph Pantoga, Ang Cui
    WOOT '19A better zip bombDavid Fifield
    WOOT '19How Sharp is SHARP ?Dixit Kumar, Chavhan Sujeet Yashavant, Biswabandan Panda, Vishal Gupta
    WOOT '19Two methods for exploiting speculative control flow hijacksAndrea Mambretti, Alexandra Sandulescu, Matthias Neugschwandtner, Alessandro Sorniotti, Anil Kurmus
    WOOT '19Vacuums in the Cloud: Analyzing Security in a Hardened IoT EcosystemFabian Ullrich, Jiska Classen, Johannes Eger, Matthias Hollick
    WOOT '19Who Spent My EOS? On the (In)Security of Resource Management of EOS.IOSangsup Lee, Daejun Kim, Dongkwan Kim, Sooel Son, Yongdae Kim
    WOOT '19Taking a Look into Execute-Only MemoryMarc Schink, Johannes Obermaier
    WOOT '19Alternative (ab)uses for HTTP Alternative ServicesTrishita Tiwari, Ari Trachtenberg
    WOOT '19Automatic Wireless Protocol Reverse EngineeringJohannes Pohl, Andreas Noack
    WOOT '19Unicorefuzz: On the Viability of Emulation for Kernelspace FuzzingDominik Maier, Benedikt Radtke, Bastian Harren
    WOOT '19D-TIME: Distributed Threadless Independent Malware Execution for Runtime ObfuscationJithin Pavithran, Milan Patnaik, Chester Rebeiro
    WOOT '18NEMESYS: Network Message Syntax Reverse Engineering by Analysis of the Intrinsic Structure of Individual MessagesStephan Kleber, Henning Kopp, Frank Kargl
    WOOT '18Bitter Harvest: Systematically Fingerprinting Low- and Medium-interaction Honeypots at Internet ScaleAlexander Vetterl, Richard Clayton
    WOOT '18Tools for Active and Passive Network Side-Channel Detection for Web ApplicationsMichael Lescisin, Qusay Mahmoud
    WOOT '18Browser history re:visitedMichael Smith, Craig Disselkoen, Shravan Narayan, Fraser Brown, Deian Stefan
    WOOT '18Universal Radio Hacker: A Suite for Analyzing and Attacking Stateful Wireless ProtocolsJohannes Pohl, Andreas Noack
    WOOT '18Security Analysis of eIDAS – The Cross-Country Authentication Scheme in EuropeNils Engelbertz, Nurullah Erinola, David Herring, Juraj Somorovsky, Vladislav Mladenov, Jörg Schwenk
    WOOT '18Sensorless, Permissionless Information Exfiltration with Wi-Fi Micro-JammingRom Ogen, Kfir Zvi, Omer Shwartz, Yossi Oren
    WOOT '18Symbolic Execution of Security Protocol Implementations: Handling Cryptographic PrimitivesMathy Vanhoef, Frank Piessens
    WOOT '18Hitag 2 Hell – Brutally Optimizing Guess-and-Determine AttacksAram Verstegen, Roel Verdult, Wouter Bokslag