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Li Xiao - College of William and Mary

Faculty Advisor
Xiaodong Zhang

$22,000 - 9/1/00 (1 year)


Browsers-aware Proxy: Building a Secured Peer-to-Peer Internet Caching System

The configuration of a proxy-browser system is a commonly used infrastructure for web caching, where the browser caches are not shared among themselves and the available locality in browsers are neglected. We propose a browser-aware proxy caching model and its implementation that makes the browser caches and their proxy connected by a local area network directly or indirectly share their contents to effectively increase the caching space and to establish a large peer-to-peer storage for clients. The objectives of our design and implementation are (1) to manage the proxy cache to mainly store the shared documents requested by multiple clients, and manage the browsers to mainly store the individually used documents; (2) to ensure the security and privacy of browsers; and (3) to ensure the data integrity and reliability in the peer-to-peer storage.


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