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Michael Gilfix, Tufts University
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

Faculty Advisor
Alva Couch, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

$5,000 on 9/1/00

PEEP (The Sound Monitoring System)

Administering a network means keeping track of copious amounts of information. Today's network monitoring tools are "log-based"; they produce large logs of information through which the system administrator is expected to sift and discover problems.

The PEEP approach is to eliminate the need to search through large amounts of text by representing network information in real-time. PEEP uses sound to represent the vast amount of available information about network status. With PEEP, a system administrator can tell what activity is ocurring in real-time and isolate where the problem lies.


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First posted: July 10, 1998 pc
Last changed: 10 Jan 2001 becca
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