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Rajesh Krishna Balan - Carnegie Mellon University

Faculty Advisor
Professor Mahadev Satyanarayanan

$40,000- 1/1/01 (1 year)


Adaptive Remote Execution for Cyber Foraging Area of interest: OS, pervasive computing

Mobile users face a challenging dilemma in the near future. On the one hand, they have compute intensive applications like speech recognition, language translation, augmented reality etc. that they would like to use. On the other hand, the need to make mobile devices smaller, lighter, and have longer battery life means that their computing capabilities have to be compromised. This tug of war between what the mobile users want to run and what their devices can handle, is going to continue into the forseeable future. "Cyber Foraging", construed as "living off the land", has been proposed as a solution to this problem. Cyber foraging allows mobile users to use external resources available in the environment to run their compute intensive applications. In this research I plan to develop extensions to the Linux kernel that transparently executes various parts of an application remotely. I will also be developing mechanisms and policies to enable the smooth adaption of applications to optimize the resource usage of the mobile device.


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