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Kevin Fu
MIT - Parellel and Distributed OS Group

Faculty Advisor
Frans Kaashoek

$46,000 - 12/99

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The Self-Certifying File System (SFS)

The Self-Certifying File System (SFS) is a secure, global file system with completely decentralized control. SFS lets you access your files from anywhere and share them with anyone, anywhere. Anyone can set up an SFS server, and any user can access any server from any client. SFS lets you share files accross administrative realms without involving administrators or certification authorities.

Current Status
We are currently in a public, pre-alpha test of the distribution.

USENIX Conference
We expect to submit a SFS-related paper to the OSDI conference this year.


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First posted: July 10, 1998 pc
Last changed: 2 May 2000 bleu
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