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XFree86 Workshops

Thursday, November 8, 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
To sign up for the workshops, first register for Thursday ALS/XFree86 Technical Sessions. Then, fill out a simple workshop registration form to let us know which workshop you'll be attending.

Developing KDE Applications with KDevelop
Ralf Nolden, KDE

KDE is well known as a desktop environment for UNIX/Linux. With KDevelop, KDE also provides an IDE which enables programmers to rapidly design and implement appealing applications for the UNIX/Linux desktop. This tutorial offers a thorough introduction to KDevelop. We'll use examples created with KAppWizard to demonstrate the GUI layout, using the Qt Designer. Within KDevelop, we'll cover the process of extending, maintaining, and packaging projects, including the use of CVS.

Ralf Nolden is a student of electrical engineering at the RWTH Technical University of Aachen, Germany. As the maintainer of the KDevelop IDE, he recruits other programmers into the KDE project and presents KDE and KDevelop at expos throughout Europe.

GTK+/GNOME Development
Arturo Espinosa-Aldama, Ximian, Inc.

Make your move into the ever-growing community of GTK+/GNOME developers. We'll take a trip into the heart of GTK+, seeking for understanding, then surface at the GNOME plain of interface utilities, where we'll paint a demo app on the canvas and finally have a meeting with the magical Glade, the great sweat saver. If time permits, we'll see a bit of what is coming in GTK+ 2.0 and GAL.

Arturo Espinosa is a son of the 8-bit computer generation who entered the GNU/Linux community in Mexico in 1996. He forms part of the Ximian Setup Tools team at Ximian, Inc.

Configuring XFree86
Stuart Anderson, Metrolink, Inc.

Learn how to install and configure every aspect of an XFree86 desktop environment. Monitors, keyboards, mice, and graphics cards will all be covered in detail. In addition, we'll look at configuring 3D graphics, alternate input devices, and international keyboards. We'll also examine the underlying XFree86 architecture in order to gain insight into debugging and producing more stable configurations.

Stuart Anderson is the editor of the LSB Written Specification, a member of the Linux Internationalization Initiative, and a member of the group working on the Linux Development Platform Specification. An open source developer for the past 8 years, he has been involved with the XFree86 Project since 1992 and is currently a member of the XFree86 Core Team.

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