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Background: virtual method table

We propose a profiling mechanism for constructing a more precise dynamic call graph than a conservative one constructed using dynamic CHA. To understand how the mechanism works, we first revisit the virtual method dispatch table in Jikes RVM [1], which is a standard implementation in modern Java virtual machines. Figure 1(a) depicts the object layout in Jikes RVM. Each object has a pointer, in its header, to the Type Information Block (TIB) of its type (class). A TIB is an array of objects that encodes the type information of a class. At a fixed offset from the TIB header is the Virtual Method Table (VMT) which is embedded in the TIB array. A resolved method has an entry in the VMT of its declaring class, and the entry offset to the TIB header is a constant, say method_offset, assigned during class resolution. A VMT entry records the instruction address of the method that owns it. Figure 1(b) shows that, if a class, say A, inherits a method from its superclass, java.lang.Object, the entry at the method offset in the subclass' TIB has the inherited method's instruction address. If a method in the subclass, say D, overrides a method from the superclass, the two methods still have the same offset, but the entries in two TIBs point to different method instructions.

Given an object pointer at runtime, an invokevirtual bytecode is implemented by three basic operations:

  TIB = * (ptr + TIB_OFFSET);   
  INSTR = TIB[method_offset];
The first instruction obtains the TIB address from the object header. The address of the real target is loaded at the method_offset offset in the TIB. Finally the execution is transferred to the target address.

Lazy method compilation works by first initializing TIB entries with the address of a lazy compilation code stub. When a method is invoked for the first time, the code stub gets executed. The code stub triggers the compilation of the target method and patches the address of the compiled method into the TIB entry (where the code stub resided before).

Figure 1: Virtual Method Dispatching Table in Jikes RVM
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(d) Inlining 1 element of CTB

Feng Qian 2004-02-16