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Dixie Language and Interpreter Issues

R. Stockton Gaines
U. S. C. Information Sciences Institute
4674 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey CA 90292


Dixie (Distributed Internet Execution Environment) provides a base for sending programs called Dixie applications to Internet sites for execution. It provides the features generally found in operating systems, such as a file system, multiprocessing, interprocess communications, etc., and in addition capabilities to permit Dixie applications to interact with resources at the local site. Security is of first importance; it must not be possible for a Dixie application to have an undesired effect on the local system. This paper explains the Dixie concept and discusses language and execution issues. The languages understood by Dixie, at least initially, will fall in the class of Very High Level Languages, not the least because these languages will support the security requirements of Dixie, as well as the command language requirements. Dixie complements these languages, and provides uniform platform independent of the local hardware and operating systems to support Dixie application programs.

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