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USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems, 1997

Creating a Personal Web Notebook

Udi Manber
University of Arizona


This paper introduces a tool, called Nabbit, to go from the World-Wide Web to Your Own Web. Nabbit uses a copy-and-paste paradigm, adapted to the way the web is used, to provide a convenient personal notebook. While browsing, users can select, with the mouse, any part of an HTML page they are looking at, and Nabbit will copy that part with the original format -- images, forms, links and all -- to their own pages. The source, date, and even personal comments are copied as well. Collection of information becomes as simple as ``here's what I want -- click --
I got it.'' Nabbit can be used to write reports interleaved with web content, maintain extended hot lists (with your own comments and even parts of pages), collect selected hits from search results, and much more.
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