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1999 USENIX Annual Technical Conference
June 6-11, 1999
Monterey, California, USA


Wednesday, June 9

File Systems

Soft Updates: A Technique for Eliminating Most Synchronous Writes in the Fast Filesystem
Marshall Kirk McKusick, Author and Consultant; Gregory R. Ganger, Carnegie Mellon University

Design and Implementation of a Transaction-Based Filesystem on FreeBSD
Jason Evans, The Hungry Programmers

The Global File System: A Shared Disk File System for *BSD and Linux (not available)
Kenneth Preslan and Matthew O'Keefe, University of Minnesota; John Lekashman, NASA Ames

Device Drivers

Standalone Device Drivers in Linux
Theodore Ts'o, MIT

Design and Implementation of Firewire Device Driver on FreeBSD
Katsushi Kobayashi, Communication Research Laboratory

newconfig: A Dynamic-Configuration Framework for FreeBSD
Atsushi Furuta, Software Research Associates, Inc.; Jun-ichiro Hagino, Research Laboratory, Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

File Systems

The Vinum Volume Manager
Greg Lehey, Nan Yang Computer Services Ltd.

Porting the Coda File System to Windows
Peter J. Braam, Carnegie Mellon University; Michael J. Callahan, The Roda Group, Inc.; M. Satyanarayanan and Marc Schnieder, Carnegie Mellon University

A Network File System over HTTP: Remote Access and Modification of Files and files
Oleg Kiselyov

Thursday, June 10


A Future-Adaptable Password Scheme
Niels Provos and David Mazières, The OpenBSD Project

Cryptography in OpenBSD: An Overview
Theo de Raadt, Niklas Hallqvist, Artur Grabowski, Angelos D. Keromytis, and Niels Provos, The OpenBSD Project

Minding Your Own Business: The Platform for Privacy Preferences Project and Privacy Minder (not available)
Lorrie Faith Cranor, AT&T Labs--Research


Trapeze/IP: TCP/IP at Near-Gigabit Speeds
Andrew Gallatin, Jeff Chase, and Ken Yocum, Duke University

Managing Traffic with ALTQ
Kenjiro Cho, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

Opening the Source Repository with Anonymous CVS
Charles D. Cranor, AT&T Labs--Research; Theo de Raadt, The OpenBSD Project


Open Software in a Commercial Operating System
Wilfredo Sánchez, Apple Computer, Inc.

Business Issues in Free Software Licensing
Donald K. Rosenberg, Stromian Technologies

Doing Well, Doing Good, and Staying Sane: A Hybrid Model for Sustainably Producing Innovative Open Software (not available)
Nathaniel S. Borenstein, Joseph Hardin, and Marshall Van Alstyne, School of Information, University of Michigan


Sendmail Evolution: 8.10 and Beyond
Gregory Neil Shapiro and Eric Allman, Sendmail, Inc.

The GNOME Desktop Project (not available)
Miguel de Icaza, Universidad de Mexico

Meta: A Freely Available Scalable MTA (not available)
Assar Westerlund, Swedish Institute of Computer Science; Love Hörnquist-Åstrand, Dept. of Signals, Sensors, and Systems, KTH; Johan Danielsson, Center for Parallel Computers, KTH


Porting Kernel Code to Four BSDs and Linux
Craig Metz, ITT Systems and Sciences Corporation

strlcpy and strlcat--Consistent, Safe, String Copy and Concatenation
Todd C. Miller, University of Colorado, Boulder; Theo de Raadt, The OpenBSD Project

pk: A POSIX Threads Kernel
Frank W. Miller, Cornfed Systems, Inc.

Friday, June 11


Berkeley DB
Michael A. Olson, Keith Bostic, and Margo Seltzer, Sleepycat Software, Inc.

The FreeBSD Ports Collection
Satoshi Asami, The FreeBSD Project

Multilingual vi Clones: Past, Now and the Future
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino, KAME Project; Yoshitaka Tokugawa, WIDE Project


Improving Application Performance Through Swap Compression
R. Cervera, T. Cortes, and Y. Bercerra, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya--Barcelona

New Tricks for an Old Terminal Driver
Eric Fischer, University of Chicago

The Design of the Dents DNS Server
Todd Lewis, MindSpring Enterprises


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