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While the availability of platform-independent code on the Internet is increasing, third-party code rarely exhibits all of the features desired by end users. Unfortunately, developers cannot foresee and provide for all possible extensions.

In this paper, we describe load-time transformation, a stage in the program development lifecycle in which classes are modified at load time according to user-supplied directives. This allows the users to select transformations that add new features, customize the implementation of existing features, and apply the changes to all classes in the environment.

The Java Object Instrumentation Environment (JOIE) is a toolkit for constructing transformations of Java classes. An enhanced class loader calls user-supplied transformers that specify rules for transforming target classes. We describe some applications of load-time transformation, including extending the Java environment, integrating classes with specialized environments, and adding functionality directly to classes.

Geoff Alex Cohen
Tue Apr 28 14:31:49 EDT 1998